Tarot The Sun (19): A Guide to the Major Arcana Card (XIX)


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The Tarot The Sun exudes immense positivity and uplifts spirits in the tarot deck. It embodies happiness, joy, success, optimism, vitality, and freedom. When this card graces your tarot reading, anticipate a cascade of favorable events in your life. Embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm, while also spreading your light and warmth to bring happiness to those around you.

This article delves deep into The Sun tarot card’s symbolism and meaning. Explore its profound significance in various facets of life, including love, career, finances, health, and spirituality. Gain valuable insights on interpreting The Sun alongside other cards in a tarot reading, backed by practical tips and illustrative examples.

Introduction to Tarot The Sun

Welcome to the enchanting world of tarot, where each card holds a universe of wisdom and insight. Today, we embark on an illuminating journey to explore one of the most uplifting and powerful cards in the deck – “The Sun.” As the nineteenth card in the Major Arcana, this radiant beacon of positivity shines its warm light on every aspect of our lives.

“The Sun” tarot card encapsulates the essence of joy, success, and overall well-being. Symbolizing the brilliance of the sun itself, it brings a burst of positive energy to any tarot reading. Imagine a golden sun at its center, exuding warmth and optimism, surrounded by a child riding a white horse, representing purity and innocence. Together, they bask in the glorious light, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss.

When “The Sun” makes its appearance, it unveils a world of enlightenment and clarity. Just as the sun casts away shadows, this card signifies the revelation of truth and the embrace of newfound understanding. With its connection to the element of Fire, Tarot The Sun ignites our passion, creativity, and desire for transformation, propelling us towards fresh beginnings and personal growth.

So, dear seeker, embrace the radiant energy of “The Sun” as we dive deeper into its meanings and applications. With its warm glow, this card offers profound insights and invaluable lessons, guiding us towards a life filled with positivity, success, and inner radiance. Let’s explore the vast realms of “The Sun” and unlock the transformative magic it brings to our tarot readings.

Tarot Card: The Sun (XIX)

Card Number19 , XIX
Card NameThe Sun
Major ArcanaYes
Numerology1 (19 reduces to 1)
KeywordsPositivity, Success, Enlightenment, Vitality, Joy
SymbolismRadiant Sun, Child, White Horse
ColorsBright Yellow, Warm Orange
ThemesOptimism, Achievement, Clarity
Upright MeaningSuccess, Enlightenment, Harmony
Reversed MeaningDelays, Misunderstandings, Caution
Love and RelationshipsHarmony, Love, Trust
Career and WorkRecognition, Success, Opportunities
Money and FinancesAbundance, Prosperity, Caution
Health and Well-BeingVitality, Well-Being, Balance
Spirituality and Personal GrowthSelf-Discovery, Growth, Purpose

The Symbolism and Meaning of The Sun Tarot Card

The Tarot The Sun card portrays a radiant, large sun in the sky, symbolizing the source of life. Beneath it, four sunflowers stand tall on a brick wall, representing the Minor Arcana’s four suits and elements: fire, water, air, and earth. These sunflowers also signify happiness, abundance, and growth.

In the forefront, a naked, joyful child sits atop a serene white horse, embodying a strong connection with the inner spirit. The child’s innocence and purity are evident through their nudity, while the white horse symbolizes purity and strength. Holding a red banner, the child represents victory and triumph.

Vibrant colors dominate The Tarot The Sun card, including yellow, orange, red, white, and green, exuding positive energy and vitality. They evoke warmth, happiness, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Numerology attributes the number 19 to The Sun, denoting completion, fulfillment, achievement, and harmony. It indicates a heightened spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Linked to the astrological sign of Leo, The Sun embodies qualities such as confidence, generosity, charisma, creativity, and loyalty. As a fire sign, Leo signifies passion, energy, adventure, and optimism.

The Image and Colors of The Tarot The Sun Card

RWS Tarot Card The Sun
RWS Tarot Card (19) “The Sun”

Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, a renowned tarot deck created by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith in 1909, The Tarot The Sun card’s image resonates with universal appeal. Inspired by the symbolism of the Golden Dawn, a mystical occult society, this card exudes profound significance.

The central focus is a large yellow sun, sporting a human face, enveloped by sixteen rays: eight straight and eight wavy. The straight rays signify rationality, logic, and reason, while the wavy rays evoke intuition, emotion, and creativity.

In the background, vibrant yellow sunflowers with brown centers exude happiness, abundance, growth, and loyalty. They further represent the four suits of the Minor Arcana: wands (fire), cups (water), swords (air), and pentacles (earth).

The child atop the horse, adorned with blond hair, embodies innocence, purity, joyfulness, and freedom. Holding a red banner in their left hand, the child symbolizes victory and triumph.

A white horse with a red saddlecloth stands strong, representing purity, strength, as well as travel and movement.

The serene blue background with white clouds symbolizes clarity and peace, complementing the overall imagery of The Sun tarot card.

The Keywords and Themes of The Tarot The Sun Card

Some of the keywords and themes that are associated with The Sun tarot card are:

  • Positivity
  • Fun
  • Warmth
  • Success
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Confidence
  • Self-expression
  • Good luck
  • Enthusiasm
  • Happiness
  • Truth
  • Openness
  • Pregnancy
Tarot The Sun

The Upright Meaning of The Tarot The Sun Card

In an upright position during your tarot reading, The Tarot The Sun brings a period of immense positivity, fun, and warmth. You’ll experience success and vitality, radiating happiness, joy, confidence, and self-expression. Embrace the opportunity to shine your light and attract positivity and good people into your life.

Optimism and enthusiasm define your future as you possess a clear vision and know how to achieve your desires. Share your gifts and achievements with others, showering your loved ones with affection.

Even during challenging times, The Tarot The Sun assures you that things will significantly improve. Through the struggles, you’ve discovered your true self and purpose, fueling you with boundless energy and anticipation for a future filled with success and abundance.

Connected to your power base, you exude inner energy, free from fear-driven or egotistical motivations. Embrace your divine will and express your power in positive ways.

The Tarot The Sun card’s energy brings an increase in physical energy, vitality, and overall positivity. You’ll feel invigorated, bursting with enthusiasm, and enjoying a sense of good health.

Now, let’s explore how The Sun tarot card influences different aspects of your life, including love, career, finances, health, and spirituality.

Love and Relationships

In a love tarot reading, The Tarot The Sun signifies a period of immense joy and happiness if you’re in a relationship. Expect fun, passion, and positivity, as you and your partner share a deep and honest connection. Any hidden issues will surface, leading to resolution and growth. The Sun brings positive changes, possibly through open communication or the possibility of a new and better relationship ahead.

This card may also signify joyous celebrations like engagements, weddings, or anniversaries, filled with love and laughter.

For singles, The Tarot The Sun indicates a potential loving relationship on the horizon. You’ll enjoy the carefree aspects of single life, confident, attractive, and open to new experiences. An admirer who shares your positive outlook may enter your life, igniting happiness and a sense of vitality.

Additionally, The Tarot The Sun serves as a primary pregnancy indicator in the tarot deck. If you desire children, it suggests fertility and conception. For those not ready for parenthood, cautionary measures are advised.

Career and Work

During a career tarot reading, The Sun tarot card signifies a period of remarkable success and achievement. Expect exciting new opportunities, and your optimism and enthusiasm will soar. You’ll approach every project with confidence and turn it into a resounding success. Recognition and praise for your talents and efforts will come your way.

Furthermore, The Tarot The Sun indicates genuine fulfillment and reward in your work. You’ve found your true calling and express yourself authentically, inspiring others with your positive attitude and energy.

Financially, The Tarot The Sun brings abundance and prosperity to your life. Expect excellent outcomes in business ventures, investments, and money-making endeavors. Bonuses, raises, or promotions may also come your way.

However, remain vigilant about any hidden debts or financial issues that may surface. Set aside some of your wealth to address them responsibly and transparently. The Tarot The Sun encourages honesty and clarity in handling financial matters.

Money and Finances

In a money tarot reading, The Sun tarot card signifies a bountiful season of abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Prepare to witness an upswing in income, wealth, and financial opportunities. Anticipate pleasant surprises such as unexpected windfalls from inheritances, lotteries, gifts, or rewards. Moreover, you may discover new avenues to increase your income and save money.

Feeling content and delighted with your financial situation, you possess ample resources to meet your needs, desires, and even share with others. Your generosity and charitable nature extend towards worthy causes.

The Tarot The Sun advises maintaining an optimistic and positive outlook on your financial future. Unlock your potential for even greater success and abundance in life. Embrace this period of prosperity and carry your positive energy forward to attract further financial growth and achievements.

Health and Well-Being

In a health tarot reading, The Sun tarot card brings forth a radiant sign of excellent health and abundant vitality. Your energy, physical well-being, and emotional strength are at their peak. You’re proactively caring for your body, mind, and emotions, embracing life with joy and fun.

Moreover, The Tarot The Sun indicates a path to recovery from illness or injury. You’re in the process of healing and regaining your strength. Positive news or encouraging results regarding your health condition are on the horizon. This card embodies hope and healing, reassuring you that with optimism and faith, you can overcome any challenges you face.

The Tarot The Sun’s presence may also signify pregnancy or childbirth. If you’re attempting to conceive, The Sun is an immensely positive indication of success. For pregnant individuals, this card promises a healthy and joyous pregnancy and delivery. For those who’ve recently given birth, The Tarot The Sun signifies the well-being and bonding of both parent and child. Embrace the abundant positivity that The Sun offers, knowing that good health and happiness surround you.

Spirituality and Personal Growth

In a spiritual tarot reading, The Sun tarot card signifies a profound journey of enlightenment, awakening, and illumination. Your spiritual awareness and understanding have reached remarkable heights, and you’ve found your true purpose and meaning in life. A deep connection to your inner light and divine source permeates your being.

Expressing your authentic self and aligning with your soul’s path define your spiritual journey. Embracing passion and joy, you generously share your gifts with the world, inspiring others with your positive energy and wisdom.

The Tarot The Sun’s presence encourages exploration of your creativity and imagination. Unleash the power of your manifestation abilities, manifesting anything you desire. Embrace new experiences and opportunities for growth and learning, as you embark on a transformative journey of spiritual expansion and personal development.

Tarot The Sun

The Reversed Meaning of The Sun Tarot Card

When The Tarot The Sun appears reversed in your tarot reading, you may encounter challenges in embracing the card’s positive qualities. Feelings of sadness, pessimism, or discouragement may overshadow your perspective. Focusing on the negative aspects of your life can cloud your ability to attract positivity. Shift your outlook, seek the bright side, and find gratitude in your circumstances.

This reversed card might indicate the need to confront hidden truths or unresolved issues. Avoidance and pretense may hinder your growth and healing. Be transparent and honest with yourself and others, as acknowledging the truth will lead to freedom and progress.

Be cautious of being overly optimistic or ignoring potential risks in a situation. Unrealistic expectations may lead to disappointment. Strive for a balanced perspective, combining optimism with realism, and prepare for possible challenges.

Now, let’s explore how The Sun tarot card in its reversed position influences various aspects of your life, including love, career, finances, health, and spirituality. Approach these areas with an open mind and a readiness to confront any obstacles with a realistic outlook.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

In a love tarot reading, if you’re in a relationship and The Tarot The Sun appears reversed, it indicates potential problems or issues needing attention. Feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, or boredom may surface. There could be a sense of secrecy or suspicion between you and your partner.

This reversed card advises caution against being overly optimistic or ignoring red flags. Unrealistic expectations or idealizing your partner might lead to ignoring underlying issues.

A lack of fun, passion, or positivity may be affecting your relationship. Neglecting each other’s needs or taking each other for granted may contribute to conflicts and arguments.

In some cases, The Tarot The Sun reversed may signal a separation, breakup, or divorce due to unresolved issues, dishonesty, infidelity, or incompatibility. However, this doesn’t imply a negative or permanent outcome; it could be for the best or lead to reconciliation later on.

For singles, The Tarot The Sun reversed may indicate feelings of loneliness, depression, or hopelessness about finding love. Low self-esteem or confidence might make you feel unworthy of love or lead to attracting the wrong people.

Be mindful of being overly optimistic or unrealistic about finding love. Address the reality of your situation and set reasonable expectations.

In the dating scene, a lack of fun, passion, or positivity may cause boredom or frustration. Experiencing rejection or disappointment could influence your mood.

In some cases, The Tarot The Sun reversed may touch on pregnancy or childbirth issues. This could involve infertility, miscarriage, abortion, or complications. However, it doesn’t signify a definitive outcome; it may call for carefulness, patience, or support during this time.

Career and Work (Reversed)

In a career tarot reading, The Sun tarot card appearing reversed indicates potential challenges or difficulties in your work life that require resolution. Feelings of unhappiness, unfulfillment, or stress may overshadow your work experience. Obstacles or setbacks might impede your progress or success.

Caution is advised against being overly optimistic or disregarding the facts and risks in your work situation. Unrealistic goals or expectations may lead to failure.

A lack of fun, passion, or positivity could affect your work environment. Boredom or lack of motivation may arise, impacting your performance and morale. Conflicts or arguments might further add to the strain.

In some cases, The Tarot The Sun reversed may signify a loss of income, job, or career due to reasons such as redundancy, dismissal, resignation, or retirement. Remember that this does not imply a permanent end to your professional journey. Instead, it could signal a need for adaptability, flexibility, and proactive steps during this transitional phase. Embrace the opportunity to explore new possibilities and find a career path that aligns better with your aspirations.

Money and Finances (Reversed)

In a money tarot reading, The Sun tarot card appearing reversed suggests the presence of financial challenges that require attention. You might encounter a decrease in income, wealth, or financial opportunities. Unexpected expenses or debts may disrupt your budget and savings.

Caution is advised against being overly optimistic or disregarding the reality of your financial situation. Unrealistic views or ignoring the consequences of your actions might lead to financial strain. Be mindful of unnecessary spending and prioritize essential expenses.

A lack of fun, passion, or positivity may impact your financial outlook, leaving you dissatisfied or bored with your money situation. Cultivate gratitude and generosity while making financial decisions, avoiding selfish practices.

In some cases, The Tarot The Sun reversed may signify financial fraud, theft, or loss due to dishonesty, deception, scams, or accidents. Remember, this doesn’t signify permanent financial misfortune. Instead, it calls for increased vigilance, responsibility, and careful management of your money during this time. Stay cautious and resilient as you work towards recovering from any financial setbacks.

Health and Well-Being (Reversed)

In a health tarot reading, The Sun tarot card appearing reversed signals the presence of health issues or concerns that require attention. You may experience feelings of unwellness, weakness, or fatigue. Physical, mental, or emotional problems could be impacting your overall well-being.

Caution is advised against being overly optimistic or unrealistic about your health condition. Ignoring symptoms or disregarding medical advice may hinder your healing or recovery process. Be mindful of setting realistic expectations for yourself and others regarding healing and recovery.

A lack of fun, passion, or positivity may affect your health and well-being. Feelings of boredom or depression might arise concerning your health situation or lifestyle. Stress and anxiety may also take a toll on your mood and health.

In some cases, The Tarot The Sun reversed may touch on health issues or concerns related to pregnancy or childbirth. This could involve infertility, miscarriage, abortion, or complications. However, it doesn’t imply that you will never have children or that your children won’t be healthy or happy. Rather, this period calls for carefulness, patience, and support as you navigate through potential challenges. Take the time to prioritize your health and seek the necessary care to foster overall well-being.

Spirituality and Personal Growth (Reversed)

In a spiritual tarot reading, The Sun tarot card appearing reversed indicates the presence of spiritual challenges or obstacles that require resolution. You may feel disconnected from your inner light and divine source, facing doubts, fears, or confusion about your spiritual path and purpose.

To overcome these challenges, The Tarot The Sun reversed advises reconnecting with your inner light and divine essence. Engage in meditative practices, prayer, or spiritual rituals that align you with your higher self and soul’s mission. Seek guidance from spiritual teachers, mentors, or supportive friends to help clear doubts and fears.

This card may also signify the suppression or concealment of your true self and gifts. Fear of judgment or rejection might prevent you from expressing your authenticity. Instead of conforming to societal norms, embrace living in alignment with your passion and joy.

Embrace your uniqueness and purpose; your light holds the power to inspire others with positive energy and wisdom.

The Tarot The Sun reversed encourages exploring and nurturing your creativity and imagination. Unleash hidden talents and potential, and pursue dreams and visions that contribute to your personal growth and happiness. Harness your manifestation abilities to create a fulfilling and transformative journey, welcoming new experiences and opportunities for learning and growth. Remember, your path to spiritual fulfillment is yours to shape and embrace.

The Meaning of The Tarot The Sun Card as Card of the Day

When The Sun tarot card graces you as the card of the day, it signifies a day of celebration and joy. You wake up feeling happy, optimistic, confident, and brimming with energy. Embrace this radiant energy as it attracts positivity and brings wonderful people into your life.

Today is your opportunity to be authentic and shine your inner light on the world, spreading warmth and love to those around you. In your endeavors, success and abundance await, and you’ll receive well-deserved recognition and praise for your talents and efforts.

This day holds great promise for the future. You possess a clear vision of your desires and the steps to achieve them. Tap into your inner power and wield it for positive purposes.

Your physical vitality surges, and you experience a profound sense of well-being. Savor this wonderful state of good health and make the most of your energetic spirit.

Gratitude fills your heart as you count your blessings, inspiring you to share joy and kindness with others. Your generous spirit extends to charitable causes, as you use your resources to do good in the world.

Today is your moment to embrace authenticity and live in alignment with your soul’s purpose. As you exude positive energy and wisdom, you inspire those around you to do the same.

Explore your creativity and let your imagination run wild. Embrace opportunities for personal growth and learning, for today is filled with the potential to blossom and evolve. Be open to new experiences, and let this day be a canvas for your growth and happiness.

Tarot The Sun

How to Read The Sun Tarot Card in a Tarot Reading

Reading The Sun tarot card in a tarot reading requires a thoughtful and nuanced approach. Here are some tips and examples to consider when interpreting The Sun tarot card:

  1. Context is Key: Consider the question being asked and the aspect of life The Tarot The Sun card relates to. Its positive attributes can apply to love, career, health, or any other area. Tailor the interpretation accordingly.
  2. Position and Orientation: Pay attention to where The Tarot The Sun card appears in the spread. Its position (past, present, future) offers insights into its influence over time. Upright or reversed orientation affects the card’s meaning and energy.
  3. Interaction with Surrounding Cards: The cards surrounding The Tarot The Sun can influence its interpretation. Positive cards reinforce the joyful and prosperous aspects, while challenging cards may indicate obstacles to overcome.
  4. Intuition and Emotional Response: Trust your intuition when reading The Sun card. Observe how it makes you feel and what emotions it evokes. This connection can offer valuable insights into its significance for the querent.
  5. Personalization for the Querent: Consider the personality and life situation of the querent. The Sun card may affirm their positive traits or challenge them to embrace a more optimistic outlook.

Overall, The Sun tarot card heralds a time of happiness, success, and positivity. Embrace its radiant energy and look forward to brighter days ahead. Keep in mind that its interpretation is multifaceted and can be tailored to each unique reading and individual.

Tips and Examples on How to Interpret The Sun Tarot Card in a Tarot Reading

Interpreting The Tarot The Sun card requires a balanced approach, taking into account various factors. Here are more tips and examples for a thorough interpretation:

  1. Balance Positivity with Realism: While The Sun represents positivity and success, be cautious not to overlook potential challenges. Encourage the querent to maintain optimism while remaining realistic about the path ahead.
  2. Celebrate Achievements: If The Tarot The Sun appears in a position representing the past, it could signify previous achievements or a time when the querent felt particularly joyful and successful.
  3. Bright Future: In a future position, The Sun suggests a promising and prosperous time ahead. It’s a reminder to stay positive and confident about future endeavors.
  4. Overcoming Obstacles: If The Sun is reversed, it may indicate obstacles that the querent needs to address to embrace its positive energy fully. Encourage them to work through challenges with determination.
  5. Interplay with Surrounding Cards: Consider how The Tarot The Sun interacts with other cards. When paired with The Moon, it may symbolize a balance between optimism and introspection. When combined with The Tower, it could signify overcoming upheaval and finding strength in the aftermath.
  6. Embrace Authenticity: The Sun encourages the querent to be authentic and true to themselves. It is a reminder to let their inner light shine brightly and to embrace their unique qualities.
  7. Joyful Opportunities: In career or money readings, The Sun can signify successful endeavors, opportunities for growth, or financial rewards. Encourage the querent to seize the moment and embrace these positive prospects.
  8. Vitality and Health: In health readings, The Tarot The Sun indicates vitality, energy, and overall well-being. It could also suggest recovery from illness or the importance of maintaining a positive mindset during challenging times.
  9. Relationship Bliss: In love readings, The Sun represents a harmonious, loving relationship where both partners are open, honest, and happy together.
  10. Nurturing Creativity: In spirituality readings, The Sun encourages the querent to explore their creative side and use it to enhance their spiritual journey.

Remember, each tarot reading is unique, and The Sun’s interpretation will vary based on the individual’s circumstances and the context of the reading. Encourage the querent to embrace The Sun’s positive energy and make the most of its joyful influence.

How to interpret The Sun tarot card in different combinations

Here are some examples of how to interpret The Sun tarot card in different combinations with other cards:

  1. The Sun + The Empress: This combination suggests a period of abundance and growth in all aspects of life. The querent is experiencing a time of great joy and creativity, and they are nurturing their projects and relationships with warmth and care. It could also indicate a successful pregnancy or the birth of a creative venture.
  2. The Sun + The Moon: The Sun and The Moon together indicate a need for balance between conscious and subconscious aspects of life. The querent might be feeling optimistic and positive (Sun) but also struggling with some emotional or hidden issues (Moon). Encourage them to pay attention to their intuition and emotional needs while staying optimistic about the future.
  3. The Sun + The Tower: This combination could represent a sudden and positive breakthrough after a period of upheaval or crisis. The Sun shines through the clouds of the Tower, signaling hope and renewal after challenging times. The querent may have experienced a significant life change that is leading to newfound joy and personal growth.
  4. The Sun + Three of Cups: This combination indicates a time of celebration and joyful gatherings with friends and loved ones. The querent is enjoying the company of others, feeling a strong sense of community and support. It could also signify a time of achievements and recognition in social or creative endeavors.
  5. The Sun + Ten of Pentacles: The Sun combined with the Ten of Pentacles signifies a time of material and emotional fulfillment. The querent may be experiencing financial success, stability, and prosperity within their family or community. It’s a card of contentment and harmony in all areas of life.
  6. The Sun + The Hermit: This combination suggests a period of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. The querent is discovering their inner light and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. It could also indicate a time of retreat or introspection that leads to greater understanding and wisdom.
  7. The Sun + Nine of Swords: The Sun combined with the Nine of Swords could indicate a challenging situation where the querent is struggling with negative thoughts and anxieties. Encourage the querent to focus on the positive aspects of their life and seek support to overcome their worries.
  8. The Sun + Ace of Cups: This combination represents a new beginning in love and emotions. The querent may experience the start of a loving relationship or a deep emotional connection with someone. It’s a time of openness and positivity in matters of the heart.

Remember, tarot interpretations can vary depending on the reader’s intuition and the specific question asked during the reading. The Sun’s meaning in combination with other cards can be nuanced and should be tailored to the querent’s unique circumstances and situation.


To conclude, The Tarot The Sun card is a very positive and uplifting card that represents happiness, joy, success, optimism, vitality, and freedom. It also indicates honesty, clarity, and enlightenment. When The Tarot The Sun appears in your tarot reading, you can expect good things to happen in your life. You can also share your light and warmth with others and bring happiness to their lives.

However, The Sun tarot card is not always literal or straightforward in its meaning. Depending on the context of the question, the position of the card, the surrounding cards, the intuition of the reader, and the personal situation of the querent, The Sun tarot card can have different interpretations and nuances. Therefore, it is important to consider all these factors when reading The Sun tarot card in a tarot reading.


What does The Tarot The Sun card mean as a yes or no answer?

RWS Tarot Card The Sun

As a yes or no answer, The Sun tarot card means yes. It is a very positive and affirmative card that indicates good things to happen.

What does The Tarot The Sun card mean as a person?

RWS Tarot Card The Sun

As a person, The Sun tarot card represents someone who is positive, fun-loving, warm, and successful. They are also honest, clear, and enlightened. They are confident and attractive and have many admirers. They are also generous and charitable with their money and resources. They are someone who brings light and warmth to everyone and everything they come into contact with.

What does The Tarot The Sun card symbolize in a reading?

RWS Tarot Card The Sun

The Tarot The Sun card symbolizes happiness, joy, success, optimism, vitality, and freedom. It represents a period of positivity and good fortune in various aspects of life.

How should I interpret The Tarot The Sun card when it appears reversed?

RWS Tarot Card The Sun

When The Sun tarot card appears reversed, it indicates some challenges or difficulties in experiencing its positive qualities. It may suggest feelings of pessimism, facing hidden issues, or being overly optimistic. Consider introspection and a shift in perspective to embrace the card’s positive energies.

How does The Tarot The Sun card affect different areas of life like love, career, or finances?

RWS Tarot Card The Sun

In love, The Tarot The Sun indicates joy, passion, and deep connection in a relationship. In career, it signifies success, recognition, and abundance. For finances, it denotes good luck, unexpected gains, and financial stability. The card’s interpretation depends on its context and the specific question asked during the reading.

Tarot Major Arcana 19 - Tarot "The Sun"
Tarot Major Arcana 19 – Tarot “The Sun”
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