Unveiling the Mysteries of the Lovers Tarot Card: Meaning, Symbolism, and Timing

Tarot Major Arcana 06 - The Lovers

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Welcome to the enchanting world of the Tarot The Lovers card. As you shuffle the deck and lay the cards before you, The Lovers card beckons with its captivating imagery and profound symbolism. Representing a harmonious union, this card goes beyond romantic love, delving into the realms of choices, relationships, and personal growth. With its radiant angel and intertwined figures, The Tarot The Lovers card invites us to explore the intricate dance between the mind, heart, and spirit. Whether you’re seeking guidance on matters of the heart or longing for a deeper understanding of your connections, The Tarot The Lovers card holds the key to unlocking profound insights and illuminating your path towards love and fulfillment. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery as we uncover the multifaceted meanings of The Lovers card in this enlightening exploration.

The Lovers tarot card description

The Tarot The Lovers card is one of the most popular and well-known cards in the tarot deck. It represents love, harmony, choice, and commitment. It also symbolizes the balance between opposites, such as masculine and feminine, conscious and subconscious, rational and intuitive.

The Lovers tarot card is intricately linked to our individual belief systems, encouraging us to delve into and comprehend our own principles and ideals. The Tarot The Lovers card can have different meanings depending on the context and the question you ask. In this article, we will explore the symbolism, meaning, and interpretation of this card in depth.

Tarot Card Meanings: The Lovers (VI)

Card Number6 , VI
Card NameThe Lovers
Major ArcanaYes
KeywordsLove, Relationships, Choices, Unity, Harmony
SymbolismUnion of opposites, Choices, Harmony, Spiritual connection
ColorsVibrant blues, Orange, Yellow
ThemesLove, Relationships, Decisions, Personal growth
Upright MeaningDeep connections, Soulmates, Harmonious partnerships
Reversed MeaningDisharmony, Conflict, Lack of alignment
Love and RelationshipsDeep connections, Soulmates, Harmonious partnerships (Upright)
Disharmony, Conflict, Lack of alignment (Reversed)
Career and WorkCollaboration, Teamwork, Alignment with values (Upright)
Conflicts, Lack of alignment, Interpersonal issues (Reversed)
Money and FinancesFinancial harmony, Shared resources (Upright)
Impulsive decisions, Dependence on others (Reversed)
Health and Well-BeingBalance of physical and emotional health, Self-care (Upright)
Imbalances, Emotional issues (Reversed)
Spirituality and Personal GrowthIntegration of mind, body, and spirit, Personal growth (Upright)
Disconnection, Lack of integration, Need for harmony (Reversed)

The Tarot The Lovers Meaning and Symbolism

The Tarot The Lovers card portrays a captivating scene where a naked man and woman stand before a majestic angel, often recognized as Raphael, the archangel associated with healing and communication. The angel blesses them with outstretched wings and radiant beams of light. Behind the man, a tree of fire holds twelve flames, symbolizing the twelve zodiac signs. Behind the woman, a tree of life adorned with fruits and a serpent represents the Garden of Eden and the temptation of knowledge. The couple stands upon a verdant hill adorned with blooming flowers, embodying fertility and growth. Above them, a brilliant sun shines, signifying happiness and enlightenment.

The Tarot The Lovers card encompasses diverse meanings that resonate on different levels. At its core, it signifies a romantic relationship infused with mutual attraction, affection, and trust—a union with a soulmate or true life partner. Moreover, it reflects an inner harmony and balance achieved by aligning oneself with both internal and external surroundings.

On another level, this card embodies choices and dilemmas that necessitate resolution. It may involve deciding between two lovers, two paths in life, conflicting values, or different aspects of one’s self. The card emphasizes the importance of making choices guided by intuition and the heart, rather than relying solely on logic and reason. It also serves as a reminder that each choice carries consequences, with accompanying advantages and disadvantages that should be considered carefully.

The Number and Element of The Tarot The Lovers

The Tarot The Lovers card holds a special place in the deck, represented by the number 6 in numerology. The number 6 embodies harmony, equilibrium, and the blending of energies. It signifies the delicate balance between opposites and the importance of finding unity within ourselves and in our relationships. This number serves as a reminder that choices and decisions play a significant role in shaping our lives.

Associated with the element of Air, The Tarot The Lovers card draws upon the qualities of intellect, communication, and the power of the mind. Air symbolizes clarity, objectivity, and the ability to perceive and understand different perspectives. It encourages us to engage in open and honest dialogue, fostering deep connections and meaningful relationships.

The number and element of The Tarot The Lovers card provide a framework for interpreting its symbolism and meaning. They emphasize the importance of making choices based on a balanced perspective and aligning our actions with our values. As we dive deeper into the exploration of The Lovers card, let us keep in mind the profound influence of the number 6 and the element of Air, guiding us towards harmony, understanding, and the power of conscious decision-making.

The Image and Colors of The Tarot The Lovers

RWS Tarot Card The Lovers
RWS Tarot Card (06) “The Lovers”

The captivating imagery of The Tarot The Lovers card unveils a rich tapestry of symbolism and meaning. At the center, the card shows a naked man and a woman stand before an angelic figure, creating a visually striking representation of profound connections. The angel, often identified as Raphael, radiates blessings and light, symbolizing healing and divine guidance.

Behind the man, a tree of fire with twelve flames represents the twelve signs of the zodiac, signifying cosmic influences and the cycles of time. It reminds us of the interconnectedness of the celestial and earthly realms. Behind the woman, a tree of life adorned with fruits and a serpent alludes to the Garden of Eden and the eternal quest for knowledge and wisdom.

The couple stands upon a lush green hill, embellished with vibrant flowers. This imagery symbolizes fertility, growth, and the blossoming of love and relationships. It reflects the harmonious union depicted by The Tarot The Lovers card, where emotional connections thrive in an environment of natural beauty and abundance.

The colors used in The Tarot The Lovers card further enhance its significance. Vibrant blues, often seen in the clothing of the figures, evoke trust, loyalty, and the serenity of peaceful relationships. The warm hues of orange and yellow infuse the card with passion, desire, and creative energy. These colors ignite the spark of connection and highlight the transformative power of love.

The imagery and colors of The seventh major arcana card intertwine to create a visually captivating and meaningful representation. Together, they invite us to explore the depths of emotional bonds, the balance between choice and consequence, and the transformative nature of love.

The image of The Tarot The Lovers card is a tapestry of vibrant colors and intricate details, each contributing to its profound symbolism. Among the key colors featured in this card are:

  • Yellow: Symbolizing the radiant sun, yellow infuses The Lovers card with light, warmth, and vitality. It embodies qualities of happiness, optimism, clarity, and wisdom. This color invites us to embrace joy and approach relationships and choices with a positive outlook.
  • Green: Reflecting the beauty of nature, green represents growth, fertility, and abundance. It conveys a sense of harmony, balance, and renewal. Green in The Lovers card symbolizes the nurturing aspects of love and reminds us to cultivate our connections with care and tenderness.
  • Red: Fiery and passionate, red ignites The Lovers card with intensity and energy. It embodies desire, courage, and the willingness to take action. Red signifies the transformative power of love and highlights the depth of emotions and connections explored through this card.
  • Blue: Serene and tranquil, blue represents the vast expanse of the sky, which serves as a gateway to the realm of angels, spirits, and higher consciousness. It embodies qualities of peace, calmness, truth, and clear communication. Blue in The Lovers card suggests the importance of honest and open dialogue in relationships.

These colors intertwine within The Tarot The Lovers card, bringing forth a spectrum of emotions, energies, and insights. Each hue contributes to the card’s profound meaning, evoking feelings of joy, growth, passion, and spiritual connection. Together, they paint a vivid canvas that invites us to explore the depths of love, relationships, and the choices we make.

The Keywords and Themes of The Lovers

Some of the keywords and themes that are associated with The Tarot The Lovers card are:

  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Choice
  • Commitment
  • Balance
  • Duality
  • Union
  • Partnership
  • Attraction
  • Affection
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Intuition
  • Healing
  • Temptation
  • Consequence
Tarot The Lovers

The Upright Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

When The Tarot The Lovers card appears upright in a tarot reading, it brings forth a profound and uplifting message that resonates across various aspects of life. This card embodies the essence of deep connections, soulmate encounters, and harmonious partnerships. It serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards love, growth, and fulfillment. Let us delve into the specific areas of life that are influenced by the upright meaning of The Lovers.

Love and Relationships: Embracing Soulful Connections

In a love reading and relationships, The major arcana card shows the blossoming of deep connections. It represents the union of two souls, built on mutual affection, trust, and understanding. This card celebrates the discovery of a soulmate or a true partner in life, where love flows freely and authentically. It encourages open and honest communication, fostering intimate bonds that lead to growth and fulfillment.

Career and Work: Collaborative Endeavors and Alignment

Within the realm of career and work, The Tarot The Lovers card advises collaboration and emphasizes the power of teamwork. It suggests that working together with others, forming partnerships, or seeking guidance from mentors can lead to fruitful outcomes. This card invites you to explore career paths that align with your values and passions, ensuring that your work brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Money and Finances: Finding Harmony and Abundance

When it comes to money and finances, The Tarot The Lovers card conveys a message of financial harmony and shared resources. It indicates that making collaborative financial decisions and engaging in joint ventures may lead to abundance and stability. This card also encourages considering the emotional aspects of money management, making financial choices that align with your values and long-term goals.

Health and Well-Being: Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Soul

The Tarot The Lovers card reminds us of the vital connection between physical and emotional well-being. It highlights the importance of self-care and maintaining a balance between nurturing ourselves and nurturing relationships. This card encourages integrating self-love, self-compassion, and healthy boundaries into our well-being practices, fostering a harmonious and holistic approach to health.

Spirituality and Personal Growth: Embracing Transformation

On the spiritual and personal growth front, The Tarot The Lovers card represents a profound journey of self-discovery. It invites you to explore the depths of your soul, seeking alignment between your mind, body, and spirit. This card encourages embracing spiritual connections, fostering a sense of unity with the divine, and embarking on a transformative path of personal growth.

In the upright position, The major arcana tarot card radiates positivity and guidance, reminding us of the power of love, choices, and authentic connections. It encourages us to embrace the blessings of meaningful relationships, align our actions with our values, and embark on a path of personal and spiritual growth. The presence of The Lovers card in a reading signifies an opportunity to cultivate deep connections and embrace the transformative power of love in all its forms.

Tarot The Lovers

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

When The Tarot The Lovers card appears reversed in a tarot reading, its meaning undergoes a shift, urging us to pay attention to specific areas of life that require introspection and adjustment. While the upright position of The Lovers card signifies harmonious connections and choices aligned with our values, the reversed position prompts us to delve into the challenges and imbalances that may be present. Let us explore the different aspects influenced by the reversed meaning of The Lovers.

Love and Relationships (Reversed): Navigating Disharmony and Conflict

In matters of love and relationships, the reversed Tarot The Lovers card indicates disharmony or challenges. It serves as a gentle warning to reflect upon the dynamics of your relationships and assess whether they are truly balanced and aligned with your values. It prompts you to address any conflicts or lack of compatibility, and make necessary adjustments to find a path towards harmony and growth.

Career and Work (Reversed): Seeking Alignment and Resolving Interpersonal Issues

Within the realm of career and work, the reversed Tarot The Lovers card suggests conflicts or a lack of alignment. It calls for introspection to find the right career path or resolve any interpersonal issues that may be impeding progress. This card encourages you to assess whether your current work situation truly aligns with your values and passions, and to seek resolutions that foster a positive and productive environment.

Money and Finances (Reversed): Cultivating Financial Independence and Trust

When it comes to money and finances, the reversed Tarot The Lovers card warns against making impulsive financial decisions or relying too heavily on others for stability. It encourages you to establish financial independence and trust in your own judgment. This card reminds you to take a balanced approach to financial matters, ensuring that you are making choices that align with your long-term goals and values.

Health and Well-Being (Reversed): Addressing Imbalances and Emotional Issues

In terms of health and well-being, the reversed Tarot The Lovers card highlights imbalances and emotional issues that may require attention. It urges you to focus on self-care, seek support, and address any underlying emotional challenges. This card serves as a reminder to nurture both your physical and emotional well-being, finding a harmonious balance that supports your overall health.

Spirituality and Personal Growth (Reversed): Reconnecting and Pursuing Harmony

When The Tarot The Lovers card appears reversed in matters of spirituality and personal growth, it suggests a disconnection or lack of integration. It calls for a reevaluation of your spiritual path and the pursuit of harmony within yourself and your spiritual practices. This card encourages you to explore avenues that promote personal growth and foster a deeper sense of unity and connection with the divine.

In its reversed position, The Tarot The Lovers card serves as a gentle guide, nudging us to address challenges, imbalances, and conflicts that may be present. It prompts us to take the necessary steps to restore harmony, align our choices with our values, and nurture healthy relationships. The presence of The Lovers card in a reading, whether upright or reversed, offers an opportunity for growth, self-reflection, and transformation in the realm of love, choices, and personal connections.

Tarot The Lovers

The Meaning of The Lovers as Card of the Day upright and reversed

When The Tarot The Lovers card appears as the card of the day in a tarot reading, its significance takes on a unique and powerful energy. As the card that captures the essence of profound connections and choices, The Lovers holds valuable insights and guidance for the day ahead. It invites us to embrace love, harmony, and conscious decision-making as we navigate through life’s experiences.

As the card of the day, The Tarot The Lovers encourages us to focus on our relationships, both romantic and platonic. It suggests that the day may bring opportunities for deep connections, soulful encounters, and the strengthening of existing bonds. It reminds us to approach our relationships with authenticity, open communication, and a willingness to listen and understand.

Furthermore, The Tarot The Lovers as the card of the day prompts us to be mindful of the choices we make. It reminds us that our decisions have the power to shape our lives and impact those around us. It encourages us to connect with our inner wisdom, follow our hearts, and make choices that align with our values and long-term goals.

The Tarot The Lovers card also invites us to seek harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives. It prompts us to integrate our mind, body, and spirit, fostering a sense of unity and alignment. It reminds us to prioritize self-care, self-love, and nurturing our relationships, creating a harmonious and fulfilling existence.

As the card of the day, The Tarot The Lovers serves as a reminder to embrace love, choices, and harmonious connections throughout our day. By honoring our relationships, making conscious decisions, and seeking balance, we can navigate the day with grace, wisdom, and a deep appreciation for the power of love in all its forms.

How to Read The Lovers Card in a Tarot Reading

The meaning of The Tarot The Lovers card in a tarot reading relies on various factors such as the context, question asked, position, spread, and neighboring cards. Here are some insightful tips and examples on interpreting The Lovers card in a tarot reading.

The placement of The Tarot The Lovers card within the spread provides clues to its meaning:

  • In the past position, The Lovers card reveals the impact of significant relationships or choices on your current situation.
  • In the present position, it signifies the emergence or forthcoming experience of deep connections or transformative choices.
  • In the future position, it foreshadows encountering profound connections or choices that will shape your future.

The choice of tarot spread further refines the interpretation of The Lovers card:

  • In a past-present-future three-card spread, it illuminates how past relationships or choices have influenced the present and will shape the future.
  • In a comprehensive Celtic Cross spread, it speaks to the heart of the matter, challenges, outcomes, foundations, past influences, near future, attitudes, external factors, hopes, fears, and final outcomes.

Neighboring Cards
The presence of adjacent cards affects the meaning of The Tarot The Lovers card:

  • When paired with The Fool card, it signifies embarking on a new adventure or taking a leap of faith in love or choices.
  • In conjunction with The Devil card, it warns of toxic relationships, tempting choices, or struggles with addiction.
  • Alongside The Tower card, it denotes sudden relationship shifts, transformative choices, or breaking free from limiting patterns.

Understanding The Tarot The Lovers card in a tarot reading involves considering the interplay between these elements. It allows for a nuanced interpretation that sheds light on the profound dynamics of love, choices, and relationships in your life.

Tarot The Lovers

Tips and Examples on How to Interpret The Lovers Card

Interpreting The Tarot The Lovers card in a tarot reading requires a thoughtful approach that delves into its symbolism and nuances. Here are some valuable tips and examples to guide you in interpreting The Lovers card:

  1. Connect with the imagery: Begin by immersing yourself in the visual elements of The Tarot The Lovers card. Notice the details, such as the figures, the angel, the trees, and the colors. Reflect on their symbolism and how they relate to love, choices, and relationships.
  2. Consider the context: Take into account the context of the reading and the specific question asked. Whether it pertains to love, career, or personal growth, the context adds depth to your interpretation of The Lovers card.
  3. Explore themes of love and relationships: The Lovers card is deeply intertwined with matters of the heart. Interpret it as a reminder to nurture and value your relationships. Consider whether it suggests the presence of a soulmate, the need for communication, or the potential for harmony or conflicts within relationships.
  4. Analyze choices and decisions: The Lovers card symbolizes choices and decisions that shape our lives. Reflect on the options presented and the potential consequences. Does it encourage following your heart, balancing intuition with reason, or making choices aligned with your values and desires?
  5. Embrace unity and duality: The Tarot The Lovers card embodies the integration of opposites and the quest for harmony. Interpret it as a call to find balance between different aspects of yourself or within conflicting situations. Consider how it invites you to embrace unity, reconciliation, and the blending of energies.
  6. Tap into your intuition: Tarot readings are intuitive experiences. Trust your inner guidance and the impressions you receive when interpreting The Lovers card. Allow your intuition to guide you towards insights and meanings specific to your unique situation.
  7. Explore card combinations: The Tarot The Lovers card interacts with other cards in a spread, creating layers of meaning. Analyze how it synergizes with neighboring cards to refine your interpretation and reveal deeper insights into the dynamics of love, choices, and relationships.

Remember, interpreting The Tarot The Lovers card is a personal journey that requires sensitivity and intuition. These tips and examples serve as a starting point, but it is crucial to trust your instincts and embrace the messages that resonate most strongly with you. The Lovers card invites you to explore profound connections, make conscious choices, and embark on a path of love, growth, and transformation.

Here are some tips and examples on how to interpret The Lovers card in different combinations and situations.

How to Interpret The Tarot The Lovers Card in Different Combinations

The meaning of The Lovers card can change depending on what other cards it is combined with. Here are some examples of how to interpret The Lovers card in different combinations.

Certainly! Here are some examples of how to interpret The Lovers card in different combinations:

  • The Lovers + The Magician: This combination signifies the potent fusion of love and manifestation. It suggests that you possess the ability to bring your desires and intentions into reality within your relationships or choices. With the dynamic energy of The Magician, you are empowered to express your feelings and desires with confidence and creativity. This combination also implies a deep connection with a partner who shares your vision and values, amplifying the potential for mutual growth and fulfillment.
  • The Lovers + The Empress: The pairing of The Tarot The Lovers and The Empress represents a nurturing and abundant relationship or choice. It signifies a loving and supportive connection where you both give and receive care and affection. This combination indicates a relationship or choice that is fertile, fruitful, and brings you immense joy. The presence of The Empress suggests a nurturing and harmonious partnership where love flourishes, and you experience the beauty of emotional and material abundance together.
  • The Lovers + The Emperor: The Lovers card paired with The Emperor signifies a strong and stable partnership or relationship based on mutual respect and shared goals. It suggests a balance between emotional connection (The Lovers) and practicality (The Emperor), fostering a harmonious union with a solid foundation.
  • The Lovers + The High Priestess: The combination of The Lovers and The High Priestess suggests a deep spiritual connection within a relationship. It signifies intuitive understanding, profound insights, and the exploration of mystical or esoteric realms together. This pairing emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s intuition in matters of the heart.
  • The Lovers + The Tower: When The Lovers card appears with The Tower, it indicates a significant transformation or upheaval within a relationship. It suggests that a sudden change or revelation may disrupt the existing dynamics, leading to a necessary reevaluation or liberation from unhealthy patterns. This combination urges growth through challenges.
  • The Lovers + The World: The Lovers card alongside The World signifies a completion of a significant relationship cycle or the achievement of a deep and fulfilling partnership. It represents the harmonious integration of various aspects within a relationship, symbolizing unity, fulfillment, and a sense of wholeness on a personal and collective level.
  • The Lovers + The Five of Cups: Pairing The Lovers with the Five of Cups indicates a period of emotional loss or disappointment within a relationship. It suggests the need to heal and learn from past hurts, allowing for growth and renewal. This combination emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, resilience, and finding emotional balance.
  • The Lovers + The Two of Wands: The combination of The Lovers and the Two of Wands suggests a dynamic partnership fueled by shared ambitions and creative endeavors. It signifies the exploration of new horizons together, taking bold steps towards a shared vision. This combination encourages mutual support and the courage to embrace opportunities.

Remember, interpretations may vary based on the unique circumstances of a reading and the surrounding cards. These examples provide a starting point for understanding the dynamic interplay of The Lovers card in different combinations, but always trust your intuition and the overall context of the reading to refine your interpretation further.


The Lovers card is a profound and captivating symbol of love, harmony, choice, and balance. Its meaning varies depending on the context, question, position, spread, and surrounding cards. Whether it signifies a deep connection with someone or the importance of making significant choices, The Lovers card advises us to listen to our hearts and intuition. It encourages the integration of our inner and outer worlds, aligning them with our passions and purpose. The Lovers card inspires, guides, and challenges us, bringing joy, fulfillment, and growth.

May this article have provided you with a comprehensive understanding of The Lovers card, allowing you to apply its wisdom to your own life. May The Lovers card bring you love, harmony, choice, and balance on your journey.


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Lovers card and their answers.

What does The Lovers card mean in a yes or no question?

RWS Tarot Card The Lovers

The Lovers card is usually a yes card in a yes or no question. It indicates a positive outcome or a favorable answer. However, it may also depend on the context and the question you ask. For example, if you ask “Should I stay with my partner?” The Lovers card may mean yes, but if you ask “Should I cheat on my partner?” The Lovers card may mean no.

What does The Lovers card mean in a love triangle?

RWS Tarot Card The Lovers

The Lovers card can indicate a love triangle in a tarot reading. It can suggest that you have to choose between two lovers, two paths, two values, or two aspects of yourself. It can also suggest that you are involved in a complicated or conflicted relationship with someone who is already committed to someone else.

What does The Lovers card mean reversed?

RWS Tarot Card The Lovers

The Lovers card reversed can indicate the opposite or the negative aspects of its upright meaning. It can indicate that you are experiencing or about to experience some difficulties or challenges in relation to love, choice, or balance. It can also indicate that you are making poor choices or decisions regarding your love life or your life direction.

What does The Lovers card mean as advice?

RWS Tarot Card The Lovers

The Lovers card as advice can suggest that you follow your heart and your intuition when making choices or decisions. It can also suggest that you balance your inner and outer worlds and align them with your passion and purpose. It can also suggest that you express your love and gratitude to yourself and others.

What does The Lovers card mean as an outcome?

RWS Tarot Card The Lovers

The Lovers card as an outcome can indicate that you will achieve or experience a deep connection with someone or something that resonates with your soul. It can also indicate that you will make an important choice or decision that will shape your future. It can also indicate that you will find harmony and balance in your life.

Tarot Major Arcana 06 - Tarot "The Lovers"
Tarot Major Arcana 06 – Tarot “The Lovers”
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