Exploring the Devil Tarot Card Meaning in the Major Arcana (Upright / Reversed)

Tarot Major Arcana 15 - The Devil

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The Devil is one of the most misunderstood cards in the tarot deck. It often evokes fear, anxiety, or guilt in those who encounter it. However, Tarot The Devil is not necessarily a negative card. It can also be a powerful symbol of transformation, liberation, and self-awareness.

In this tarot guide, we will explore the symbolism and meaning of The Devil card, its number and element, its image and colors, its keywords and themes, its upright and reversed meanings, its meaning as card of the day, and how to read it in a tarot reading. We will also provide tips and examples on how to interpret The Devil card in different combinations.

Key Takeaways

  1. Materialism and Physical Pleasure: The card often represents materialism and the pursuit of physical pleasures, potentially to the point of addiction or obsession.
  2. Feeling Trapped or Restricted: It can indicate a feeling of being trapped, either by circumstances, unhealthy relationships, or self-imposed limitations.
  3. Shadow Self and Unconscious Desires: The Devil card is sometimes seen as a reflection of the shadow self or unconscious desires that one might be afraid to acknowledge or confront.
  4. Empowerment and Liberation: In a more positive light, this card can also signify the potential for liberation and empowerment by recognizing and breaking free from self-imposed shackles.

“The Devil Tarot card symbolizes materialism, the pursuit of physical pleasures, and feeling trapped, but also represents the potential for empowerment by acknowledging and breaking free from these bonds.”

Unlocking the Mysteries or the Major Arcana: The Devil Tarot Card description

In the enchanting world of Tarot, each card holds a unique tale of wisdom and revelation. Among the Major Arcana, the enigmatic “Devil” card reigns as an emblem of both fascination and trepidation. Symbolizing the profound complexities of human nature, this card beckons us to explore the shadows that dwell within our souls.

As we delve into the realm of Tarot The Devil we encounter a powerful archetype that speaks of temptation, bondage, and the incessant struggle between light and darkness. Chained figures, intertwined in the captivating dance of Baphomet, illustrate the allure and dangers of earthly desires, urging us to confront our innermost fears and weaknesses.

Thus, as we explore the intricate symbolism and rich themes of the Devil tarot card meaning, let us approach this journey with courage and an open heart. Beyond the fears and desires, this card offers a profound mirror into our souls, guiding us toward a path of self-liberation and transformation. Embrace the wisdom it holds, and unlock the mysteries that await as we traverse the captivating realm of Tarot.

Tarot Card: The Devil (XV) upright and reversed

DataThe Devil Tarot Card
Card Number15 , XV
Card NameThe Devil
Major ArcanaYes
KeywordsTemptation, Bondage, Shadow self, Materialism, Transformation
SymbolismChained figures, Baphomet, Duality
ColorsRed, Black, Green, Brown
ThemesTemptation, Liberation, Duality
Upright MeaningConfronting shadows, Self-awareness, Personal growth
Reversed MeaningLiberation, Recklessness, Breaking free from toxic patterns
Love and RelationshipsIntense connection, Possessiveness, Trust issues
Career and WorkMaterial ambitions, Balance, Caution in decisions
Money and FinancesMaterial gains, Caution in spending
Health and Well-BeingAddiction, Self-destructive habits, Healing
Spirituality and Personal GrowthEmbracing darkness, Spiritual evolution
Tarot The Devil

The Symbolism and Meaning of Tarot The Devil

The Tarot The Devil card embodies your shadow side and the constraints of negative forces hindering your growth. You may find yourself entangled in harmful habits, dependencies, and relationships, sacrificing long-term well-being for momentary pleasure. This card reveals a choice of instant gratification, even at the expense of your soul.

It appears when you believe these negative forces control you, leaving you powerless to break free. However, beneath this illusion, you recognize the harm they cause. The major arcana card symbolizes temptation, materialism, and deception, hinting at situations beyond your control or harmful influences.

Yet, amidst the darkness, The Devil offers hope. It signifies awakening and self-awareness, urging you to confront your inner demons. Embrace the chance to liberate and empower yourself. This card challenges you to overcome fear, transforming into a stronger, more enlightened version of yourself.

The Number and Element

Numbered 15 in the Major Arcana, The Tarot The Devil card signifies change, transformation, and growth. It represents both freedom and excessiveness, innovation, and imbalance. Reducing to 6 (1+5), it embodies harmony, love, and responsibility, yet may also bring conflicts and insecurity.

Aligned with the element of earth, The Tarot The Devil embodies stability and materiality. It signifies practicality and security but may also hint at stagnation and rigidity. Earth represents the reality of life and can bring both a sense of grounding and moments of illusion or greed.

The Image and Colors

RWS Tarot Card The Devil
RWS Tarot Card (15) “The Devil”

The depiction of The Tarot The Devil card varies across tarot decks, with the Rider Waite deck being one of the most common sources of inspiration. This card portrays Baphomet, a half-man, half-goat creature representing the balance between good and evil, male and female, and human and animal. However, it has evolved into a symbol associated with the occult and perceived as ‘evil.’

The Devil possesses vampire bat wings, symbolizing the draining effect of yielding to raw desires. His hypnotic stare captivates and mesmerizes those who draw near, rendering them under his power. An inverted pentagram above him signifies the darker aspects of magic and occultism. With his right hand raised in the Vulcan Salute, he holds a lit torch in his left.

Chained to the podium are a man and a woman, both nude, seemingly held against their will. Surprisingly, the loose chains suggest they can break free. Adorned with small horns like the Devil’s, they represent their gradual transformation into his likeness. Tails, symbolizing animal instincts, protrude from both, with grapes and fire on their respective tails signifying pleasure and lust.

The color palette of The Tarot The Devil card leans towards dark and somber tones, reflecting its negative and oppressive nature. The black background symbolizes darkness, ignorance, fear, and evil. In contrast, the red color dominates The Devil’s body, wings, horns, torch, and chains, representing passion, desire, lust, violence, anger, and danger. The white color of his face, hands, feet, and pentagram contrasts with the rest, suggesting deception, illusion, hypocrisy, or false light.

The Keywords and Themes of Tarot The Devil

Some of the keywords and themes associated with the Tarot The Devil card are:

  • Shadow self
  • Attachment
  • Addiction
  • Restriction
  • Sexuality
  • Illusion
  • Temptation
  • Bondage
  • Materialism
  • Powerlessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Abuse
  • Violence
  • Disaster
  • Awakening
  • Liberation
  • Empowerment
  • Transformation
  • Self-awareness
Tarot The Devil

The Upright Devil Tarot Card Meaning

In an upright position, The Tarot The Devil card’s interpretation is multifaceted and contingent on the querent’s specific circumstances and the context of the question. Below are potential interpretations for various aspects of life:

Love and Relationships

In a relationship, The Tarot The Devil card suggests potential feelings of being confined or restricted by your partner. Unhealthy co-dependence, obsession, jealousy, or control may also be present. Be cautious about sacrificing your happiness for the sake of staying together. Transparency is essential, as The Devil may signify hidden truths or infidelity.

The card also represents sexual attraction and compatibility with your partner, acknowledging a strong physical bond and shared desires. However, maintain a balance between physical and emotional connections. Address any sexual issues through open communication or professional help if needed.

If seeking love, The Tarot The Devil card cautions against attracting or being drawn to dishonest, manipulative, or abusive individuals. Avoid temptation from those in existing relationships or those not seeking a serious commitment. In Love life prioritize self-value and never settle for less than you deserve.

Career and Work

For those employed or job-seeking, The Tarot The Devil card may signal dissatisfaction or unhappiness with the current work situation. You might feel trapped, exploited, or oppressed by superiors, colleagues, or clients. It could also imply a toxic or unethical work environment. Be mindful of workaholic tendencies, as you may be neglecting other essential aspects of life. This card might also suggest that your career lacks alignment with your true passion or purpose.

The Tarot The Devil card embodies ambition, competition, and power in your career. While striving for success and recognition, be cautious of compromising your values or integrity. Watch out for rivals, opposition, or jealousy from others seeking what you have attained. Use your power and influence responsibly, avoiding the corruption of greed or ego. Stay true to your principles and focus on ethical and meaningful advancement.

Money and Finances (Devil Upright)

Concerning money and finances, The Tarot The Devil card warns of potential financial difficulties or challenges. Debt, overspending, gambling, or living beyond your means may be prevalent. Take note of feelings of greed, envy, or insecurity related to money. Ensure a balanced approach, tending to both material and emotional/spiritual needs.

The major arcana card also represents financial opportunities and risks. While there may be a chance to amass wealth, consider the ethical implications. Avoid involvement in shady or risky business dealings or investments. Beware of offers involving unethical or illegal exchanges for money. Exercise caution and wisdom in managing your finances, guarding against deception or manipulation from others. Prioritize long-term stability and ethical practices in your financial decisions.

Health and Well-Being (upright meaning)

In matters of health and well-being, The Tarot The Devil card may signify physical, mental, or emotional challenges. It could indicate struggles with addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, or trauma. Be mindful of unhealthy habits or behaviors that harm your body and mind. The card encourages seeking professional help or support to address these issues.

On the flip side, The major arcana tarot card represents healing, recovery, and transformation in your health. You are becoming aware of your challenges and are ready to confront and conquer them. Breaking free from negative patterns or influences impacting your well-being is on the horizon. Take charge of your health and make positive lifestyle changes, embracing the path to healing and well-being. Remember that seeking support and taking proactive steps towards self-improvement is an essential aspect of your journey.

Spirituality and Personal Growth

For those on a path of spirituality and personal growth, The Tarot The Devil card may symbolize confronting your shadow self and negative aspects of your personality. This includes facing fears, doubts, insecurities, guilt, shame, anger, or resentment. As you delve into spirituality and occultism, you may explore the darker aspects of these realms. Remain mindful of external forces or entities that challenge your spiritual progress.

The card also represents profound spiritual awakening, liberation, empowerment, and transformation. By overcoming your shadow self and the forces that hold you back, you embark on a journey of self-awareness. Embrace both light and dark within yourself, seeking balance. Uncover your true self and potential, embracing the complexities that make you whole. The Tarot The Devil card urges you to integrate all aspects of yourself on your path of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth.

Tarot The Devil

The Devil Reversed Meaning

In the reversed position, The Tarot The Devil card’s interpretation remains context-dependent, revealing potential shifts and breakthroughs for the querent in different aspects of life:

Love and Relationships (Reversed Devil)

In a relationship, The Tarot The Devil card reversed suggests liberation from negative patterns and influences. You or your partner gain control, independence, and detachment, breaking free from the shackles that hindered your connection. Healing from mental health issues or trauma is possible, nurturing a healthier relationship.

However, beware of denial or avoidance in your partnership. Pretending everything is fine when underlying issues persist can lead to further complications. Address the problems with openness and honesty to foster genuine growth.

The Tarot The Devil card reversed also signifies sexual liberation and exploration within the relationship. Overcoming sexual problems or dissatisfaction enhances intimacy, allowing for a more fulfilling and adventurous connection. Embrace experimenting with fantasies and kinks, finding joy and pleasure in shared exploration.

For those seeking love, The Tarot The Devil card reversed empowers you to release yourself from unhealthy relationships and toxic individuals. Letting go of those who use, lie, or hurt you paves the way for genuine connections. Confront and overcome personal fears, insecurities, or addictions that have hindered your search for love.

Be cautious not to fall back into old habits or patterns, resisting temptations from individuals who aren’t right for you or aren’t interested in a serious commitment. Value yourself and avoid repeating past mistakes, empowering yourself to attract healthy and meaningful relationships.

Career and Work (Reversed)

The Tarot The Devil reversed card signifies breaking free from negative influences impacting your career. Gaining control, independence, or detachment from your job allows for positive change. Overcoming addiction, obsession, or materialism liberates you from obstacles hindering your path to success.

However, be cautious of denial or avoidance regarding career issues. Acknowledge and address problems openly, as pretending everything is fine can lead to stagnation. Embrace transparency to foster growth and improvement.

In the realm of ambition, competition, and power, The reversed major arcana tarot card indicates positive strides towards success and recognition. Utilize your power and influence for good, avoiding unethical or manipulative actions. Face opposition, rivalry, or jealousy from others with resilience, remaining steadfast in your goals.

Guard against corruption by greed or ego, ensuring your actions align with integrity and ethical standards. Embrace humility and compassion, and wield your influence responsibly, allowing your career to flourish in a positive and sustainable manner.

Money and Finances (reversed devil tarot)

Concerning money and finances, The Tarot The Devil reversed card denotes a freeing of oneself from financial difficulties and challenges. Taking proactive steps, you may pay off debts, reduce spending, or quit gambling, leading to a healthier financial state. Overcoming greed, envy, or insecurity surrounding money allows for a more balanced perspective.

Financial opportunities or risks may arise, offering potential for significant earnings. Engaging in legitimate, ethical business deals or investments enables positive financial growth. Resisting temptation from offers involving unethical or illegal exchanges for money showcases your wisdom and prudence.

Exercise caution and discernment in managing your finances, avoiding deception or manipulation from others. Prioritize transparency and honesty in financial matters, making informed choices that align with your values and long-term goals. Embrace financial liberation and responsible decision-making to nurture a stable and secure financial future.

Health and Well-Being (Reversed)

Concerning health and well-being, The Tarot The Devil card reversed denotes a phase of healing, recovery, and transformation. You are breaking free from unhealthy habits or behaviors that previously impacted your body and mind negatively. Seeking professional help or support demonstrates your commitment to addressing your health issues.

However, be vigilant in guarding against relapses or setbacks. Avoid falling back into old habits, especially when tempted by addictions, obsessions, or impulses. Stay strong and focused on your well-being, prioritizing self-care and self-discipline.

Embrace the progress you’ve made thus far and continue to nurture your physical and mental health. With perseverance and determination, you can overcome challenges and sustain a positive trajectory towards improved well-being. Remember that seeking support and maintaining healthy lifestyle choices are essential in your journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Spirituality and Personal Growth (Reversed)

For those on a spiritual and personal growth journey, The Tarot The Devil card reversed signifies liberation from limiting beliefs and exploring the depths of your thoughts. Detachment from attachments allows for greater spiritual progress. Breaking free from illusions or tricks empowers you to embrace your authentic self and potential. Integrating both light and darkness within yourself promotes balance and self-awareness.

However, be cautious of falling for deceptive spiritual teachings. Beware of empty promises, scams, or cults masquerading as genuine paths of growth. Confronting your shadow self and negative aspects of your personality may be challenging, but necessary for genuine growth.

Exercise discernment and wisdom in your spiritual choices, choosing paths that resonate with authenticity and truth. Face your fears and doubts with courage and strength, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. Trust your intuition, and nurture a sense of inner harmony and alignment in your pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

The Meaning of Tarot The Devil as Card of the Day

Drawing The Tarot The Devil card as your card of the day signals a situation or choice that will test your character. You may face tempting offers of short-term pleasure, but at the cost of your long-term well-being. Negative habits, dependencies, or relationships may also hold you back from becoming your best self. The Tarot The Devil card challenges you to evaluate your decisions and resist taking the easy way out. Confronting your shadow self and negative influences requires courage and strength.

Additionally, The Devil card suggests exploration in your sexuality, creativity, or spirituality. Embrace discovering new aspects of yourself and your potential, integrating both light and dark aspects. However, ensure you remain mindful and responsible in this process. Avoid losing yourself or causing harm to yourself and others. Empower yourself with wisdom, using your power and influence ethically and responsibly in your personal growth journey.

Tarot The Devil

How to Read The Devil Card in a Tarot Reading

Reading The Tarot The Devil card in a tarot spread requires sensitivity and nuance. Here are some valuable tips to navigate its complexities:

  1. Context Matters: Understand the querent’s question and intentions. Consider their struggles, desires, and fears. Tailor the reading to address their specific concerns.
  2. Position in the Spread: Pay attention to where The Devil card appears in the spread (past, present, or future) and its relationship with other cards. Analyze how it influences or is influenced by neighboring cards.
  3. Synergy with Other Cards: Observe how The Devil card interacts with the rest of the spread. Note if other cards support, contradict, or offer insight on dealing with its influence.
  4. Embrace Both Upright and Reversed Meanings: Interpret The Devil card’s upright or reversed meaning, taking into account its keywords, themes, symbolism, number, and element. Use your intuition and expertise to deliver a relevant message.
  5. Offer Balanced Guidance: Be candid in your reading, neither sugarcoating nor exaggerating the card’s implications. Acknowledge both the positive and challenging aspects of The Devil card.
  6. Focus on Growth: Encourage personal growth and empowerment. Emphasize that The Tarot The Devil card presents an opportunity for transformation and learning. Inspire the querent to face challenges with courage and determination.
  7. Mindful and Ethical Reading: Be empathetic and compassionate in your interpretation. Handle The Devil card with care, avoiding fear-based readings. Remind the querent that tarot is a tool for self-awareness and understanding, not a fortune-telling device.
  8. Guide with Wisdom: Provide constructive advice and actionable steps to navigate the challenges highlighted by The Tarot The Devil card. Empower the querent to make informed decisions and embrace their journey with confidence.

By reading The Devil card thoughtfully and compassionately, you can offer valuable insights to the querent, assisting them in their personal growth and journey towards self-discovery.

Interpreting The Devil Card in Different Tarot Readings

In a Love Reading, The Devil card may reveal intense attraction, strong sexual connection, and shared fantasies or kinks between partners. However, it may also point to toxic behaviors, jealousy, and manipulation within the relationship. If present, it urges the querent to address these issues and consider liberation from unhealthy patterns for personal growth and transformation.

In a Career Reading, The Tarot The Devil card can highlight ambition, competition, and the pursuit of power in the workplace. It may caution against compromising values for success or being influenced by greed and ego. Detachment and independence from negative influences can lead to a healthier and more satisfying career path.

In a Money Reading, The Devil card may signify financial challenges, such as debts or overspending. It can also indicate an unhealthy obsession with wealth and possessions. Liberation from materialistic pursuits and detachment from monetary attachments can lead to financial growth and stability.

In a Health Reading, The Tarot The Devil card may suggest physical or mental health issues arising from addictions or unhealthy habits. It encourages seeking professional help and confronting these challenges for healing and transformation.

In a Spiritual Reading, The Devil card represents the journey of self-awareness and shadow work. It cautions against falling into spiritual traps or illusions and encourages confronting fears and doubts. Embracing both light and darkness leads to spiritual liberation and empowerment.

Remember, The Tarot The Devil card is multi-faceted, and its interpretation must consider the context and surrounding cards. Empower the querent with insights into their challenges, encouraging them to embrace growth and positive change.

Tips and Examples on How to Interpret Different Devil Tarot Card Combinations

  1. Keyword Connections: Create a meaningful sentence by combining keywords from The Devil card and the accompanying card. For instance, The Devil + The Lovers may imply “temptation leading to relationship challenges” or “sexual desires causing conflicts.”
  2. Positional Influence: Analyze the placement of The Devil card in the spread to understand its impact. If in the past position, it may represent past struggles that influence the current situation. In the future position, it might suggest potential challenges to overcome.
  3. Elemental Compatibility: Consider the element of The Devil card (earth) in relation to other cards’ elements. For example, The Devil + The Star could signify “grounding hope” or “finding clarity amidst deception.”
  4. Intuition and Context: Rely on your intuition and expertise to offer the most relevant interpretation for the querent’s specific situation. Utilize the context of the question and the overall energy of the spread to provide insightful guidance.
  5. Customize Your Interpretation: Don’t be limited by traditional interpretations. Use your unique insights and language to offer a personalized and authentic reading. For instance, “embracing your darker aspects for personal growth” or “breaking free from harmful influences.”
  6. Balance and Honesty: Provide a balanced reading by acknowledging both positive and challenging aspects of The Devil card’s combination with other cards. Offer honest advice to empower the querent in their journey.

The card’s interpretations in different devil tarot card combinations can be revealing and thought-provoking.

Let’s explore some of the possible meanings:

  1. The Devil + The Fool: Embarking on a daring adventure or endeavor that may involve risky choices or temptations. A need for caution and mindfulness to avoid getting entangled in troubles.
  2. The Devil + The Magician: A highly influential individual who wields their talents for either positive or negative purposes. A creative project or endeavor that comes with challenges or potential pitfalls.
  3. The Devil + The High Priestess: Uncovering hidden aspects within oneself or others that can impact decisions. Relying on spiritual guidance and intuition to confront fears and uncertainties.
  4. The Devil + The Empress: A nurturing and creative individual with a hidden dark side or underlying motives. A situation that appears prosperous or abundant but might involve excessive indulgence or temptation.
  5. The Devil + The Emperor: Facing a dominant figure who exercises control or manipulation. Operating within a structured environment that may impose limitations or restrictions.
  6. The Devil + The Hierophant: Confronting a traditional authority figure who may be judgmental or critical. Dealing with dogmatic or restrictive circumstances.
  7. The Devil + The Chariot: Encountering a successful or competitive person with underlying motives or potential hazards. A challenging situation that tests one’s character and determination.
  8. The Devil + Justice: Facing a balanced or impartial outcome with accountability and consequences. Experiencing a karmic or legal situation that highlights integrity and fairness.
  9. The Devil + The Hermit: Engaging with a solitary individual who may harbor dark aspects or hidden intentions. Going through a phase of introspection that may lead to self-destructive tendencies.
  10. The Devil + The Wheel of Fortune: Encountering unexpected changes or events that come with risks or uncertainties. Navigating through twists of fate that confront desires and fears.
  11. The Devil + The Hanged Man: Embracing surrender or sacrifice to release attachments and desires. Gaining new perspectives during a period of pause or introspection.
  12. The Devil + Death: Experiencing transformation or endings that involve overcoming fears and limitations. A renewal process after facing a dark phase in life.
  13. The Devil + Temperance: Striving for balance and harmony through self-control and moderation. Achieving healing and recovery by overcoming addictions and obsessions.
  14. The Devil + The Tower: Confronting sudden disruptions or revelations that cause chaos or upheaval. Breaking down illusions and false beliefs.
  15. The Devil + The Star: Encountering hope and healing, guiding individuals to overcome fears and doubts. Inspiring optimism and faith to combat darkness.
  16. The Devil + The Moon: Encountering situations that lead to confusion, deception, or exploration of the subconscious. Confronting fears and anxieties stemming from intuition and inner emotions.
  17. The Devil + The Sun: Experiencing success and happiness, fostering confidence and joy. Achieving clarity and enlightenment that dispels darkness and ignorance.
  18. The Devil + Judgement: Facing judgments and awakenings that come with responsibility and accountability. Transforming oneself after confronting the shadow self.
  19. The Devil + The World: Achieving fulfillment and satisfaction through completion and achievement. Experiencing liberation and freedom after breaking free from restraints.


The Tarot The Devil card stands as a profound enigma within the tarot deck, embodying complexities and challenges. Its meanings vary, encompassing your shadow self, negative habits, temptations, illusions, fears, or doubts. Yet, it also offers positive facets, representing awakening, liberation, empowerment, transformation, and self-awareness.

Confront your inner demons with courage, empowered by this card’s invitation to integrate both light and darkness into a balanced whole. Take control of your destiny, for you hold the key to breaking free from the chains that bind you. Embrace The Devil’s wisdom, navigating the intricate journey of self-discovery and transformation on your path to personal growth and enlightenment.

FAQs – tarot meanings

What does The Tarot The Devil card mean in a love reading?

RWS Tarot Card The Devil

The Devil card can mean attraction, compatibility, sexuality, passion, lust, temptation, obsession, jealousy, manipulation, control, deception, infidelity, abuse, violence, or bondage. It can also mean liberation, detachment, healing, recovery, transformation, or self-awareness.

What does The Tarot The Devil card mean in a career reading?

RWS Tarot Card The Devil

The Devil card can mean ambition, competition, power, success, recognition, influence, materialism, greed, ego, corruption, exploitation, oppression, restriction, dissatisfaction, or unhappiness. It can also mean detachment, freedom, independence, control, or happiness.

Is the Tarot The Devil card always negative?

RWS Tarot Card The Devil

While “The Devil” has strong connotations of negativity, it serves as a potent mirror to our inner struggles and can be a catalyst for positive change.

How can I use the Tarot The Devil card’s energy for personal growth?

RWS Tarot Card The Devil

Embrace the card’s message of self-awareness and confront your fears and shadow aspects. Seek guidance from mentors or therapists to facilitate your growth.

What if “The Devil” appears repeatedly in tarot readings?

RWS Tarot Card The Devil

If this card frequently appears, pay extra attention to the patterns and behaviors it highlights. It may indicate a recurring issue that needs your attention.

Can “The Devil” card predict actual harm or danger?

RWS Tarot Card The Devil

Tarot cards are tools for self-reflection and guidance, not predictors of physical harm. If you feel threatened, seek help from the appropriate authorities.

Should I fear the Tarot The Devil card in a reading?

RWS Tarot Card The Devil

Fear not, for this card presents an opportunity for profound self-discovery and growth. Embrace its energy with an open mind and heart.

Tarot Major Arcana 15 - Tarot "The Devil"
Tarot Major Arcana 15 – Tarot “The Devil”
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