The Wild Unknown Tarot: A Truthful Review

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As someone who values traditional tarot symbolism and imagery, I initially had reservations about The Wild Unknown Tarot’s departure from the norm. However, after immersing myself in its captivating world of nature-inspired art and symbolism, I’ve come to appreciate the deck’s ability to tap into a raw and unfiltered truth.

The deck’s unconventional approach to tarot has not only challenged my preconceived notions but has also deepened my understanding of the cards’ profound messages. Join me as we explore the surprising depth and insight that The Wild Unknown Tarot has to offer, and uncover how it has the potential to transform our tarot practice in unexpected ways.

Key Takeaways

  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is a collection of seventy-eight cards that explore the mysteries of the natural world and the animal kingdom.
  • The deck is known for its beautiful, detailed, and evocative artwork, featuring animals, nature, and energy with no human figures.
  • The deck provides blunt, truthful, and no-BS interpretations, making it a powerful tool for personal growth, shadow work, and working with inner fears and secrets.
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot is highly recommended for its accuracy, emotional depth, and intuitive connection, and the reviewer appreciates the quality and presentation of the deck, including the box and guidebook.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck presents a captivating exploration of the natural world and the animal kingdom through seventy-eight hand-drawn, minimalist cards.

Each card in this deck is infused with deep tarot symbolism, offering a unique perspective on traditional tarot reading techniques.

The absence of human figures in the deck allows for a profound connection to nature, energy, and intuition.

The artwork, with its intricate details, evokes a sense of wonder and introspection, making each card a powerful tool for self-reflection.

The blunt, truthful interpretations of the cards, devoid of fluff, provide straightforward insights that cut to the heart of the matter.

This deck’s ability to deliver accurate, emotionally resonant readings makes it a valuable companion for personal growth, shadow work, and delving into inner fears and secrets.

The Art and Design

Infusing the tarot cards with a spare and evocative style, the artwork in The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck captivates with its intricate details and profound connection to the natural world. The aesthetic appeal of the hand-drawn illustrations is undeniable, drawing the eye to the intricate symbolism and meaning woven into each card.

The absence of human figures in the deck allows for a deeper immersion into the natural and animal kingdom, fostering a connection to the primal energies represented. This approach brings a unique perspective to the traditional tarot, inviting a more profound exploration of the subconscious and the untamed aspects of existence.

The artwork’s beauty, combined with its profound symbolism, makes The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck a powerful tool for introspection and personal growth.

The Guidebook and Instructions

With its fully illustrated primer and straightforward interpretations, the guidebook accompanying The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck offers a comprehensive and accessible approach to understanding and working with the cards.

The guidebook provides clear instructions on shuffling and cutting the tarot, creating tarot spreads, and interpreting each card. The simplicity of the instructions makes it easy for beginners to dive into the world of tarot without feeling overwhelmed.

The tarot spreads suggested in the guidebook are diverse and cater to different types of readings, allowing users to explore various aspects of their lives.

When it comes to interpreting each card, the guidebook’s concise and no-BS approach helps users grasp the core meanings without getting lost in overly complex explanations. This straightforwardness fosters freedom in developing one’s intuitive connection with the cards.

Creator: Kim Krans

Kim Krans, the visionary artist, author, and creator of The Wild Unknown Tarot and other decks, has a background in drawing and mixed media. Her creative process and artistic vision are deeply influenced by her studies in yoga and shamanism, which are evident in the deck’s spiritual and natural themes.

Krans draws inspiration from the mysteries of the natural world, the animal kingdom, and the energies that connect them. Her minimalist style and focus on animals, nature, and energy, without human figures, reflect her unique artistic vision. The deck’s beautiful, detailed, and evocative artwork mirrors her intuitive and introspective approach to tarot.

Krans’ ability to infuse her creations with compassion, truth, and authenticity speaks to her deep understanding of the human experience and the power of symbols in guiding personal growth and introspection.

Personal Experience and Connection

The profound impact of The Wild Unknown Tarot on my tarot reading practice and personal growth has been both transformative and deeply meaningful.

This deck has allowed me to delve into the depths of my soul and confront my inner fears in a way that no other deck has. The connection I feel with the cards is unparalleled, and it has guided me through moments of uncertainty with unwavering clarity.

The Wild Unknown Tarot has become my trusted ally in navigating the complexities of life, providing profound insights and empowering me to embrace my shadow self.

It has truly been a catalyst for personal growth and has facilitated my journey of working with inner fears, allowing me to confront and overcome them with courage and compassion.

Animal and Nature Themes

Immersing oneself in The Wild Unknown Tarot is an exploration of the untamed and primal aspects of the natural world. It embodies the essence of animal and nature themes through its captivating artwork and evocative symbolism. The deck’s animal and nature themes hold profound symbolic meanings, inviting a deep connection with the natural world.

Each card resonates with the primal instincts and energies embodied by different animals, plants, and natural elements. The absence of human figures allows for a pure and unfiltered connection with the wild, tapping into a universal understanding that transcends cultural boundaries.

This deep connection with nature fosters a heightened sense of intuition and an innate understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things. It makes The Wild Unknown Tarot a powerful and evocative tool for self-discovery and insight.

Blunt and Truthful Interpretations

Engaging with The Wild Unknown Tarot offers an unapologetically direct and candid approach to interpreting the cards, delivering insights that cut through the noise to reveal the unvarnished truth of the matter.

The deck’s blunt and truthful interpretations serve as a mirror for deep introspection, inviting individuals to confront their inner fears and shadows head-on.

Through symbolic animals and nature-themed symbolism, the cards guide users towards personal growth and transformation, challenging them to embrace their authenticity and confront difficult truths.

This no-BS approach fosters a sense of empowerment and liberation, as it encourages users to confront their realities with courage and honesty, paving the way for profound personal evolution.

Recommendations and Benefits

Delving into The Wild Unknown Tarot provides a transformative experience, offering profound insights and empowering guidance for personal growth. This deck isn’t just a tool for divination; it serves as a mirror to our inner selves, aiding in shadow work and illuminating aspects of our psyche that require attention.

The blunt and truthful interpretations within The Wild Unknown Tarot guide us through a journey of self-discovery, encouraging us to confront our fears and embrace our authenticity. Its ability to deliver direct and honest messages fosters personal growth by challenging us to delve deeper into our emotions and thought patterns.

Through this process, we gain a clearer understanding of ourselves and our life’s path, ultimately leading to empowerment and freedom from self-imposed limitations.

Emotional Depth and Intuition

In exploring the emotional depth and intuition of The Wild Unknown Tarot, one encounters a profound mirror reflecting the nuances of the human psyche. The cards delve into the depths of emotions, offering intuitive guidance and insight into the complexities of the human experience.

  • Emotional Healing: The deck serves as a catalyst for emotional healing, gently nudging individuals to confront their inner turmoil and find solace within the cards’ symbolism.
  • Intuitive Guidance: The Wild Unknown Tarot provides intuitive guidance, encouraging individuals to trust their instincts and tap into their inner wisdom for profound self-discovery.
  • Reflective Insights: Each card acts as a reflective pool, urging individuals to explore their emotions and delve into the subconscious, facilitating a deeper understanding of oneself.

The deck’s ability to facilitate emotional healing and offer intuitive guidance makes it a powerful tool for those seeking authentic self-exploration and growth.

Quality and Presentation

The Wild Unknown Tarot deck and guidebook exude a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail, elevating the overall quality and presentation of the product.

The artistic value of the hand-drawn, minimalistic style of the cards is undeniable. Each card is a captivating work of art, reflecting the mysteries of the natural world and the animal kingdom.

The packaging details further enhance the deck’s allure, with a sturdy and visually appealing box that protects the cards and guidebook.

The guidebook, with its fully illustrated primer, adds to the overall quality by providing clear instructions and interpretations.

This attention to detail and commitment to artistic value not only enhances the user experience but also reflects the creator’s dedication to offering a product of exceptional quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Wild Unknown Tarot Compare to Other Tarot Decks in Terms of Its Interpretations and Style?

Compared to other decks, The Wild Unknown Tarot’s interpretations are blunt and truthful, while its artistic style and symbolism focus on nature and animals. The deck’s diversity, emotional depth, and intuitive connection make it a standout choice.

Can the Wild Unknown Tarot Be Used for Specific Types of Readings, Such as Love or Career-Related Questions?

The Wild Unknown Tarot offers deep insight for love readings and career guidance, using its symbolic imagery and artistic interpretations. Its no-BS approach and compassionate support make it a powerful tool for personal growth and shadow work.

Are There Any Specific Rituals or Practices Recommended for Connecting With the Wild Unknown Tarot on a Deeper Level?

How can I deepen my connection with The Wild Unknown Tarot? What personal rituals or spiritual practices can enhance interpretation styles? Through meditation, journaling, and comparing tarot decks, I’ve found a deeper level of insight and intuitive connection.

Can the Wild Unknown Tarot Be Used by Beginners, or Is It Better Suited for More Experienced Tarot Readers?

As a beginner-friendly deck, The Wild Unknown Tarot’s minimalistic style and straightforward interpretations make it accessible. Experienced users appreciate its unique deck style and the deep insights it offers. The learning curve is gentle yet rewarding.

What Inspired Kim Krans to Create a Tarot Deck Focused on Animals and Nature, Rather Than Traditional Human Figures?

Kim Krans drew inspiration from her studies in yoga, shamanism, and the natural world to create a tarot deck focused on animal symbolism and nature. Her artistic style beautifully captures the essence of these elements in tarot interpretations.


In conclusion, The Wild Unknown Tarot is a game-changer, offering a raw and authentic experience that speaks to the depths of the soul. Its art and design, combined with blunt and truthful interpretations, provide a refreshing departure from traditional tarot decks.

The emotional depth and intuition it offers make it a powerful tool for personal growth and introspection. With its quality and presentation, this deck is a must-have for anyone seeking clarity, guidance, and deep introspection.


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