Tarot King of Pentacles as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

Among the intriguing cards within the Tarot deck we look at the King of Pentacles, a symbol of material wealth, practicality, and stability. In this exploration, we delve into the realm of that card as Feelings, both in its upright and reversed positions and learn the meaning.
Upright King of Pentacles as Feelings

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Exploring the Tarot cards often unveils a rich tapestry of emotions, insights, and guidance for those seeking answers or deeper understanding. Among the intriguing cards within the Tarot deck we look at the King of Pentacles, a symbol of material wealth, practicality, and stability. In this exploration, we delve into the realm of that card as Feelings, both in its upright and reversed positions and learn the meaning. As we journey through the upright and reversed interpretations of this card, we uncover a spectrum of emotions and perspectives that can shed light on various aspects of life, love, and personal growth. Join us in unraveling the intricate web of feelings that the King of Pentacles evokes, offering valuable insights for Tarot enthusiasts and seekers alike.


I’m fascinated by the power of tarot readings and the many ways the King of Pentacles can represent feelings. Upright, this card often symbolizes abundance, trust, and a longing for commitment. Reversed, it can indicate distractions, obsession, and control. With over 70% of readers believing that tarot readings can reveal insights about relationships, let’s explore how this card can express feelings in different relationship scenarios:

  • Singles: The King of Pentacles in a reading for singles may represent a desire for stability and security. It can signify a longing for a committed relationship and a willingness to invest time and effort into finding a compatible partner.
  • New relationships: In the context of a new relationship, the King of Pentacles can indicate a strong foundation and potential for long-term commitment. It suggests feelings of trust, reliability, and a desire to build a solid and prosperous future together.
  • Existing relationships: When this card appears in a reading for an existing relationship, it often signifies a period of stability, security, and material abundance. It represents a deepening of trust, a solid partnership, and a shared commitment to building a prosperous life together.
  • Old flames: In the context of an old flame or a past relationship, the card may indicate lingering feelings of longing and a desire to reconnect. It suggests that the person may still hold romantic feelings and hopes for a prosperous reunion.
  • After break-ups: Following a break-up, the King  can represent a period of reflection and self-growth. It may indicate a need to focus on personal stability and security before entering into a new relationship. It suggests that the person is striving to build a solid foundation for their future.

Overall, the  Pentacles King in tarot card readings can express a range of feelings depending on the context. Whether it represents abundance, trust, commitment, distractions, or control, this card serves as a powerful tool to gain insights into the emotional landscape of various relationship scenarios. The King embodies abundance, prosperity, security, safety, kindness, protection, and unwavering reliability. In certain Tarot card decks, you may encounter the King, alternatively referred to as the Father of Pentacles, Disks, or Coins. It’s important to note that the meaning of both the King of Pentacles and the Father of Pentacles/Disks/Coins remains consistent and unaltered.

As a member of the Suit of Pentacles within the Minor Arcana, the King of Pentacles Tarot card symbolizes a wealth of qualities, including abundance, ambition, security, responsibility, discipline, stability, leadership, dependability, and safety.

Key Takeaways

  • The Upright King of Pentacles represents deep love, generosity, and a desire to provide the best for the person. They demonstrate their love through actions rather than words and aim to create a stable and secure life together.
  • In singles and new relationships, the King of Pentacles indicates commitment, devotion, and a willingness to be generous and provide nice experiences or gifts. It is a positive sign for developing a stable, long-term relationship and creating a secure future together.
  • In existing relationships, the King of Pentacles represents happiness, contentment, and a strong desire to provide and give the best to the partner. They express their love through actions and are reliable and committed.
  • When reversed, the King of Pentacles can represent stubbornness, a need for control, and materialistic tendencies. It may indicate caution and hesitancy in moving forward in new relationships and control and stubbornness in committed relationships.
Tarot King of Pentacles as Feelings

Upright King of Pentacles as Feelings

The King of Pentacles embodies themes of abundance and unwavering security. When it comes to feelings,  your partner or potential partner may aspire to be recognized as your steadfast provider. They might yearn for a lasting commitment and derive profound satisfaction from offering both financial and emotional stability to the relationship.

I feel committed to providing the best for my partner and creating a stable and secure life together. The King card symbolizes this deep love and desire to nurture, as it demonstrates love through affection, actions, and luxuries. For singles, this card encourages taking the initiative and recognizing genuine commitment, while in existing relationships it acknowledges our efforts and assures us that our connection will go far.

After a breakup, this card focuses us on getting our lives together and becoming a more stable person. It can also represent feelings of comparison, judgment, and hesitation when paired with the Judgement and King of Swords cards. Ultimately, the King is a reminder of the abundance and security that comes with true love.

Singles and New Relationships With the King of Pentacles

As a single or in a new relationship, the King of Pentacles encourages commitment and devotion to doing my best for my partner. It represents deep love and desire to provide the best for them, with generosity and willingness to shower them with luxuries. It represents actions of love rather than words, aiming to create a stable and secure life together. My commitment and trust in the relationship is unwavering, as I strive to create a secure future together. I’ll be generous and spoil my partner, offering nice experiences or gifts, while being devoted and protective of them. With the Pentacles King, there’s a promise of long term stability and love.

When inquiring about how someone feels about you and the King of Pentacles card appears, it signifies a profound and deep love that this person holds for you.

Existing Relationships With the King of Pentacles tarot card

In an existing relationship, the King of Pentacles signifies feelings of happiness and contentment. It shows a strong desire to provide and give the best to the partner, as well as a willingness to spoil and take care of them. This card indicates commitment and devotion to doing their best for the person, expressing love through actions rather than just words. It speaks to a deep longing for a long-term commitment, generosity and protection, and creating a secure future together. Missing their partner and feeling protective of them, the tarot card also holds a desire for a future together. When you pull the King of Pentacles card in a love-focused Tarot reading about your relationship may indicate that you are presently reaping the rewards of your efforts and investments in the partnership.

Old Flame or Ex’s Feelings With the King of Pentacles

For my old flame or ex, the king of pentacles reminds us on the feelings of missing them and still feeling protective of them. The card shows a commitment and desire to try and win them back and suggests a longing for stability post-breakup. It also encourages post-breakup reflections and a realization of the mistakes made. All of these feelings come with the strong desire of rekindling the romance and experiencing those protective feelings that existed before. The Pentacles King encourages taking the initiative in winning back love and creating a secure and stable future together.

King of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings in a tarot reading

Although I’m cautious, I’m also stubborn when it comes to the King of Pentacles reversed as feelings. This card can indicate feelings of frustration, possessiveness, and control issues in relationships. I may be struggling to come to terms with financial instability or trying to overcome my materialistic tendencies. In order to get past these issues, I must recognize the signs of control and possessiveness and be willing to address them. I must also be prepared to manage my frustration and learn how to be content with what I have. With patience and understanding, I can make sure my relationships are healthy and prosperous.

Tarot King of Pentacles as Feelings

King of Pentacles as Feelings in Love

The King of pentacles tarot card meaning, when drawn in the context of love and relationships, conveys a profound depth of emotions and sentiments. This card signifies feelings of stability, security, and commitment. In love readings, it often signifies a partner who is not only financially responsible but also emotionally dependable. The meaning of the king embodies the sense of safety and trust that is crucial in any loving relationship. This card suggests that the individual or the relationship itself is built on a solid foundation, where both partners can rely on each other for support and protection. It signifies a deep and abiding love that is rooted in practicality and a genuine desire for long-term happiness and security. However, it’s important to remember that while the King may not be the most passionate or expressive in love, their unwavering devotion and practical approach to love can provide a stable and nurturing environment for a lasting and fulfilling partnership.

King of Pentacles upright in Love Meaning

I’m looking for love that offers security, abundance, and generosity with the King of Pentacles. This card signifies a secure and stable romantic partnership that’s generous and dependable. It also implies a higher standard of living and indulgence, suggesting that I meet someone with financial stability and loyalty. It’s important to make sure that my partner isn’t too Material-oriented or greedy, as this can lead to an unbalanced relationship. Instead, I should look for someone who’s supportive and kind, and who I can build a long-term commitment with. With the King card, I can have confidence that I’m finding a partner who’ll provide security and abundance in my relationship.

What does the reversed king of pentacles mean in love life

Although I may be tempted to accept them back, the reversed King of Pentacles love meaning suggests that my partner may be stubborn, greedy, and Possession-focused. Exploring this tarot card in relationships can be complex. Understanding the upright King of Pentacles may reveal feelings and desires for security and stability. Navigating the tarot card in new relationships can be a challenge, as it may indicate a need to look beyond the materialistic and look for true connection. Unveiling the true feelings of the King of Pentacles in existing relationships may point to a lack of security or commitment. With an old flame, the emotions of the Pentacles King may reveal a desire to rekindle the relationship or a longing for a future together.

King of Pentacles After Break Up & Judgement as Feelings

What feelings might the Pentacles King reveal after a break up and when paired with Judgement? After a break up, the King of Pentacles may represent focus on getting life together and creating stability, with no ill-feelings towards the ex-partner. When paired with Judgement, it can indicate comparing pros and cons, seeking clarity and abundance, and feeling doubtful and uncertain. The King of Pentacles and King of Swords as feelings can suggest hesitation and nervousness about what’s coming next, with a need for advice and strategic planning. Ultimately, Reversed King of Pentacles as feelings for singles and existing relationships can urge protection of oneself and a partner, listening to one’s heart, and being careful to choose a partner who’ll respect and value them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell if Someone Is Serious About Me When They Are Represented by the King of Pentacles?

If someone is represented by the King of Pentacles, it’s likely they’ll be serious about you. They’ll respect you, be generous and reliable. Look for commitment, trust and communication to ensure the relationship is healthy. Avoid any trust or commitment issues, and make joint decisions for the best outcome.

How Can I Tell if My Partner Is Controlling or Manipulative When the King of Pentacles Is Reversed?

When the King of Pentacles is reversed, trustworthiness, financial security, and mutual respect can be lacking. There can be a lack of emotional stability and boundary lines may be crossed, making the partner controlling and manipulative. Careful consideration is needed to ensure a healthy, trusting relationship.

What Should I Consider Before Deciding to Reconcile With an Ex?

Before reconciling with an ex, consider their motives, communication boundaries, financial security, intimacy levels, and trust rebuilding. Investigate if communication is open and honest. Ensure both parties are in a secure financial position. Evaluate how comfortable you feel with the levels of intimacy. Finally, find a way to rebuild trust.

What Does the King of Pentacles Mean When It Appears Alongside the Judgement Card?

The King of Pentacles alongside Judgement signals a need to commit, discern, trust, and be honest in order to set healthy boundaries. This encourages reflection and taking a step back to make sure you’re making a wise decision with long-term implications.

What Should I Focus on When the King of Pentacles Appears After a Break-Up?

After a break-up, focus on self-reflection, emotional stability, trustworthiness, accountability, and communication. Consider how to be a better partner and create a secure future. Focus on being honest and understanding, and build a foundation of trust.


The King of Pentacles is a powerful card that can represent a variety of emotions in different situations. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or dealing with an old flame, the Pentacles King can provide insight into your feelings and the feelings of your partner. Ultimately, it’s up to us to interpret the card’s meaning and use it to our advantage. How will you use the King to understand your feelings and those around you?

Tarot King of Pentacles as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) - PIN


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