9 Best Tarot Decks for Beginners: Find Your Perfect Match for Spiritual Guidance

top tarot decks for beginners

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Embarking on the journey of tarot can sometimes feel like setting sail on cosmic seas with infinite possibilities. We’ve navigated these waters and have gathered what might just be the most illuminating tarot decks for beginners that the universe has to offer.

Our carefully curated selection balances accessibility with depth, ensuring that each card you draw is not only a reflection of the moment but also a guidepost for your spiritual voyage. From the profound imagery of the Occult Tarot to the contemporary resonance of the Modern Witch Tarot Deck, we’ll help you align with a deck that resonates with your inner mystic.

As you ponder the paths these decks can lead you on, consider what you seek to uncover in your own life’s tapestry—our insights on the nuances of each set might hold the key to unlocking a world of understanding that’s been waiting for you.

Occult Tarot: (78 Cards and 112-Page Guidebook)

The ‘Occult Tarot: 78 Cards and 112-Page Guidebook’ is a unique tarot deck that is best suited for individuals with a background in goetic practices rather than novices to tarot reading. It has complex symbolism and advanced interpretative requirements.

The deck’s aesthetics are marked by a striking black and red theme, with red-edged cards that capture the sunlight beautifully. It includes illustrations from the classic Dictionnaire Infernal, enhancing its mystical allure. However, the card stock is notably thinner than some might expect, though still acceptable in quality.

The accompanying guidebook is bound with a matte cover and features glossy pages. Its utility is sometimes questioned as it often simply echoes the information on the cards. Users should approach the instructions within with skepticism and consider their own experience when integrating the deck into their practices.

For those prepared to delve into its depths, the ‘Occult Tarot’ offers a powerful tool for divination and spiritual exploration.

Best For: Individuals with a background in goetic practices seeking a tarot deck for advanced divination and spiritual exploration.


  • Striking black and red aesthetics with sunlight-capturing red-edged cards.
  • Features classic illustrations from the Dictionnaire Infernal, adding to its mystical allure.
  • Deck is reported to offer powerful divination capabilities and enhance spiritual strength.


  • Thinner card stock than some might expect, potentially affecting durability.

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck (Modern Tarot Library)

Ideal for newcomers to tarot, the Modern Witch Tarot Deck offers a vibrant and inclusive reimagining of traditional tarot imagery, catering particularly to those who appreciate modern, diverse representation in their divination tools. Enthusiastic reviews highlight the deck’s ease of use, with a companion guide that provides clear, brief descriptions. The deck is praised for its sturdy quality, featuring thick, glossy cards housed in a substantial vertical slipcase. Its card backs sport a pale blue mosaic design, though they aren’t reversible, which may be a minor drawback for some.

Artistically, the deck is celebrated for its contemporary take on the Smith-Waite motif, showcasing a spectrum of identities including LGBTQ, full-figured, senior citizens, and people of color, moving beyond tokenism to genuine representation. While some note the absence of male figures, the deck’s focus on intuition and energy resonates well with users. Embracing modernity, the deck features characters like a modern magician, redefining traditional archetypes. The deck’s creators, led by Lisa Sterle, have been commended for their contribution to inclusivity in tarot.

Best For: Individuals seeking a modern, inclusive tarot experience that embraces diversity and offers clear, accessible interpretations for beginners.


  • Inclusive artwork featuring a variety of identities, including LGBTQ, full-figured, and POC.
  • Thick, glossy cardstock and a sturdy vertical slipcase for durability and longevity.
  • Vibrant, modern reinterpretation of traditional tarot imagery that resonates with contemporary users.


  • Card backs aren’t reversible, which might be a drawback for some tarot practices.

Tarot of the Divine Deck and Guidebook (Inspired by Global Deities, Folklore, and Fairy Tales)

For those new to tarot seeking a culturally enriched experience, the Tarot of the Divine Deck and Guidebook stands out as an exceptional choice due to its global deities, folklore, and fairy tale inspirations. The card stock is praised for its durability and ease of handling, which is crucial for those learning to shuffle and deal with the cards. The artwork’s diversity, with its depiction of various people, animals, and mythical figures, provides an immersive visual experience. Each card in the deck is complemented by a companion book that offers concise synopses of the represented myths, enhancing the educational aspect of the deck.

Despite some reports of minor packaging defects, the cards arrive in excellent condition, reassuring beginners of their purchase’s quality. The Tarot of the Divine is especially recommended for novices due to its adherence to the Rider Waite Smith system, which is widely considered a standard for tarot reading. The accompanying guidebook provides summaries of the cards’ meanings, laying a solid foundation for interpretation. Additionally, those desiring to delve deeper into the stories can opt for an illustrated book with extended tales.

The deck encourages a relationship built on joy, relaxation, and discernment through a three-question interview process, setting a positive tone for the user’s tarot journey. Its international themes promote inclusivity and diversity, with artwork that resonates with people from various backgrounds, making it an excellent tool for connecting with the universal human experience through spiritual guidance.

Best For: Individuals new to tarot who appreciate cultural richness and diversity in their learning tools.


  • Durable card stock and ease of shuffling cater to beginners.
  • Artwork is diverse and inclusive, representing global cultures.
  • The guidebook and additional illustrated book offer comprehensive learning.


  • Packaging may arrive with minor defects.

Goddess of Love Tarot Book and Deck Set

Embracing the divine feminine, the Goddess of Love Tarot Book and Deck Set is a captivating choice for beginners frequently drawn to goddess mythology and seeking an emotionally resonant tarot experience. This stunning deck features a divine feminine collage style, with a diverse array of goddesses gracing the major arcana, and reimagined names for the court cards.

While the deck’s paper-like card stock has drawn criticism for its lack of durability and issues with stickiness, the emotional impact and inclusive artwork receive high praise. The accompanying book enriches the tarot journey with detailed descriptions and rituals, offering soulful insights and sage wisdom.

Despite the call for a deluxe edition, this mass market deck is celebrated for its fresh artwork and gentle, yet powerful messages.

Best For: Individuals captivated by goddess mythology and those seeking a tarot deck that offers both emotional resonance and spiritual insight.


  • Emotionally engaging and spiritually moving artwork that celebrates the divine feminine.
  • Includes a comprehensive book with detailed card descriptions and meaningful rituals.
  • Features a broad diversity of goddesses, appealing to a wide audience interested in various pantheons.


  • The card stock quality is considered too thin and not durable, affecting the longevity of the deck.

LYINGFISH Pink Gold Foil Tarot Cards with Guide Book (Waterproof and Wrinkle Resistant)

Those seeking a fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetics may find the LYINGFISH Pink Gold Foil Tarot Cards, with their waterproof and wrinkle-resistant features, an attractive option for beginning their tarot journey. These cards embody a unique blend of retro and modern design, with rose gold and pink hues complemented by gold foil elements. Made from high-grade PET material, the deck promises both durability and elasticity, ensuring a long-lasting tool for divination.

The deck includes the standard 78 cards and comes with a 38-page color guide book, making it suitable for novices who require easy-to-understand interpretations. Measuring 5.31 x 3.34 x 1.77 inches and weighing 13.6 ounces, the LYINGFISH Tarot set is neatly packed in an exquisite collection box. Despite some feedback about the cards being slippery and the booklet containing inaccuracies, the overall customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars indicates a positive reception, particularly for its aesthetic appeal and quality.

Best For: Individuals new to tarot seeking a stylish and durable deck that combines traditional and modern design elements.


  • Waterproof and wrinkle-resistant, enhancing durability and longevity
  • Unique aesthetic with rose gold and pink colors and gold foil accents, appealing to collectors and those who appreciate visual design
  • Includes a guide book and features meanings on the cards, which is helpful for beginners


  • Cards can be very slippery, making them difficult to handle and shuffle

The Rider Tarot Deck®

Novices in the realm of tarot reading will find The Rider Tarot Deck® an exemplary choice due to its clear symbolism and beginner-friendly resources. Esteemed for its quality and durability, it has proven to remain in excellent condition over the years, with no reports of flaws or missing cards. Users commend its high-quality print and appropriately sized cards, enhancing the visibility of the symbolic details critical for accurate predictions.

The deck is praised for its straightforwardness, making it a perfect introduction to tarot for beginners. Each card is clearly labeled, and the vivid imagery facilitates easier interpretation of the illustrations. Furthermore, The Rider Tarot Deck® includes a concise booklet that succinctly explains the significance of each card and provides guidance on conducting readings, particularly the Celtic Cross Spread.

Accompanying resources are beneficial, although some suggest seeking additional interpretations online for a more comprehensive understanding. Despite the cards being somewhat thin, the traditional art is the main attraction, offering a classic tarot experience. Positive reviews often highlight the deck’s affordability and overall satisfaction among users, asserting its status as a foundational tool for those starting their tarot journey.

Best For: Beginners in tarot reading seeking a deck with clear symbolism, durability, and helpful resources for learning.


  • Comes with a useful booklet for beginners, offering clear explanations and guidance on readings.
  • High-quality print and card size facilitate easy viewing of detailed symbolic artwork.
  • Maintains excellent condition over time, with a reputation for quality and durability.


  • Cards may be somewhat thin and prone to bending, similar to playing cards.

Cozy Witch Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Ideal for beginners seeking a gentle introduction to tarot, the Cozy Witch Tarot Deck and Guidebook offers an approachable and affirming starting point with its charming artwork and inclusive representation. The deck arrives in pristine condition, featuring quality card stock with a semi-matte finish, providing a tactile experience that some may prefer over slippery alternatives. The cards, adorned with warm colors and soft lines, thoughtfully include a range of skin tones and body shapes, coupled with positive affirmations on each card, making the deck particularly accessible.

The Cozy Witch Tarot Deck is recommended for all reading levels and can enhance daily routines with its cozy, autumnal theme. Despite some minor production inconsistencies, like off-center borders or occasional stains, the deck’s beautiful illustrations and character diversity have garnered positive feedback. However, the accompanying guidebook’s unconventional grammar and punctuation may not align with traditional standards, which could be a drawback for some users.

Best For: Individuals new to tarot or those seeking a comforting, inclusive, and affirming deck for daily inspiration.


  • Diverse and inclusive artwork with affirmations on each card, promoting accessibility.
  • High-quality card stock with a semi-matte finish suitable for various shuffling preferences.
  • Autumn-themed design that pairs well with daily routines and can be used year-round for cozy vibes.


  • Some decks may have minor production issues such as off-center borders or stains on the cards.

Marvel Tarot Deck and Guidebook

The Marvel Tarot Deck and Guidebook, adorned with Lily McDonnell’s stunning Marvel portraits, presents a captivating choice for tarot enthusiasts who are also fans of the Marvel Universe. The artwork, reminiscent of Francois Mucha’s Art Deco style, is particularly striking in the major arcana, while the minor arcana’s lesser details and pip card design may challenge beginners who aren’t yet adept at intuitive readings.

The deck’s durability and the inclusion of a helpful guidebook are definite pluses, but its suitability for divination remains a point of contention, with some users finding it mediocre.

Marvel’s influence is evident, offering a fun and unique portrayal of its characters, which will likely delight fans. However, the lack of detailed illustrations in the minor arcana suggests that this deck, while sturdy and visually appealing, might serve better as a collector’s item or novelty gift than as a primary tool for newcomers to tarot.

Best For: Tarot enthusiasts who are Marvel fans and appreciate a mix of detailed artwork and pop culture in their readings.


  • Lily McDonnell’s Marvel portraits provide a unique and visually appealing take on the tarot.
  • Quality materials used in the cards and packaging ensure durability and longevity.
  • The guidebook included is a helpful companion for interpreting the cards, especially for those new to tarot.


  • Minor arcana cards lack detail, making them harder to interpret without the guidebook.

Yuletide Tarot

For those embarking on their tarot journey during the festive season, the Yuletide Tarot emerges as a top contender, celebrated for its seasonal charm and insightful guidebook. This deck garners positive reviews for its thematic celebration of Yuletide, with beautiful seasonal artwork that pays homage to traditional tarot imagery. Users commend the guidebook for its well-crafted content, full-color presentation, and inclusion of unique Yule spreads, enhancing its appeal as a comprehensive tool for divination.

Although the Yuletide Tarot receives laudatory feedback, some users have noted concerns about the card stock’s durability and packaging issues. Despite these mixed comments, the deck’s overall reception is overwhelmingly positive, marked by its status as a beloved addition to collectors’ repertoires and its suitability as a thoughtful and giftable item for those seeking seasonal spiritual guidance.

Best For: Individuals seeking a festive and thematic tarot experience with a well-crafted guidebook and beautiful artwork.


  • Unique Yuletide theme with nods to traditional tarot imagery.
  • Well-written, full-color guidebook with detailed explanations and festive spreads.
  • High praise for the deck’s artwork, making it a favorite in large collections and a great gift.


  • Some concerns about the card stock’s durability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tarot Decks for Beginners

choosing tarot decks guide

When we’re on the hunt for the perfect tarot deck to start our journey, there are key factors we must consider.

It’s crucial that the deck’s imagery is clear and speaks to us, as it’s the gateway to our intuition.

We’ll also weigh the quality of the guidebook, the durability of the card stock, how easy the cards are to handle, and the cultural inclusivity they present.

Deck Imagery Clarity

Selecting a tarot deck with clear and vivid imagery is essential for beginners to facilitate easier understanding and connection with the cards. We must remember that clear and vibrant artwork not only assists in intuitive readings but also enriches in-depth interpretations. When illustrations are straightforward and comprehendible, they significantly enhance our tarot reading capabilities.

As we explore this path, we should aim for decks that boast clear and detailed imagery to support our learning curve and practice. This clarity in the cards’ visuals is a cornerstone for achieving more accurate and meaningful readings. It’s a critical aspect that helps us, as novices, to delve deeper into the spiritual guidance that tarot offers.

Guidebook Quality

While clear deck imagery aids in understanding, the guidebook’s quality is equally vital in aiding beginners to grasp the meanings behind the cards. We’ve noticed that guidebooks vary greatly, with some offering thorough insights, full-color illustrations, and detailed explanations for each card. These are often well-received, enhancing the learning experience for newcomers.

However, we can’t ignore that some guidebooks fall short. Criticisms point to a lack of detail, unprofessional writing, and failure to adhere to proper English standards.

What we’re looking for are guidebooks that not only delight with festive and new Yule spreads but also maintain depth and detail. It’s this combination that truly equips beginners with the knowledge they need for their tarot journey.

Card Stock Durability

A crucial aspect we must consider is the card stock durability, as it greatly influences both the tactile experience and longevity of a tarot deck for beginners. The quality of card stock varies; some decks boast durable, easy-to-shuffle material, while others feature thin, paper-like cards prone to bending. We’ve noticed that decks with sturdy, thick cards and a glossy finish tend to withstand frequent use better than those resembling standard playing cards.

We’re also aware that packaging can affect a deck’s condition on arrival. Durable card stock not only survives shipping mishaps but also ensures a satisfying shuffle and handling experience.

It’s clear that the card stock’s durability is key to our overall satisfaction and the deck’s usability.

Ease of Handling

Having discussed card stock durability, let’s now focus on how it affects the ease of handling tarot decks, a vital factor for beginners.

Thicker card stock often means a sturdier deck, which can be easier to shuffle and manage. We’ve found that a matte finish provides a better grip than glossy finishes, which can sometimes cause the cards to slip from your hands.

Additionally, the size of the cards is crucial, as individuals with smaller or larger hands might find certain decks more comfortable to handle.

We must consider the quality of the card stock in terms of its resilience to bending or damage, as this impacts how well a deck can be manipulated without sustaining wear and tear.

Cultural Inclusivity

When selecting a tarot deck, beginners should consider cultural inclusivity, seeking out decks that honor a variety of identities and experiences. It’s essential to choose decks that celebrate LGBTQ+ communities, showcase diverse body types, and include a spectrum of ethnic representations. We’re drawn to decks that draw inspiration from global deities, folklore, and fairy tales, which emphasize a world rich in multicultural themes.

We also support decks that represent modern identities authentically. Whether it’s through the inclusion of empowered full-figured individuals, senior citizens, or the celebration of all gender expressions, these decks promote a more inclusive tarot practice. Mindful representation in artwork, especially regarding diverse skin tones and body shapes, also contributes significantly to a deck’s inclusivity.

Thematic Appeal

Exploring the thematic appeal of a tarot deck can deeply enrich a beginner’s journey into tarot by aligning their personal interests with the deck’s visual and symbolic language. The theme of a deck could range from classic imagery steeped in traditional symbols to eclectic modern interpretations featuring Marvel characters or global folklore.

As beginners, we should consider what resonates with us personally—whether it’s occult themes, goddesses, or seasonal celebrations. Choosing a deck with a thematic appeal that speaks to our spiritual beliefs or the types of readings we’re drawn to can make the experience more intuitive and rewarding.

Intuitive Design

Selecting a tarot deck with an intuitive design is crucial for beginners, as it simplifies the learning process by enabling a more natural understanding of the cards’ meanings. We’re looking for decks where the illustrations do the talking, conveying deep symbolism that we can grasp without wading through dense text.

When the imagery speaks directly to us, it nurtures our intuition and personal insights, making the reading flow effortlessly.

We want artwork that resonates, striking a chord within our emotional landscape and sparking those intuitive hunches. It’s about clear, vibrant imagery that stands out, inviting us to dive into the tarot’s wisdom without any visual confusion.

Ultimately, an intuitively designed deck becomes a seamless bridge to our inner guidance.


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